Review of Brawl Festival 2023

If a mode doesn’t appear here, it’s because I didn’t get an opportunity to participate in it.

Impulsiveness: Like PvP, but with respawn and more chaos. Biased toward high-impulse weapons, which makes it seem beginner-unfriendly because:

  1. low rarity weapons are less likely to have impulse as a featured mechanic, and
  2. small vehicles on wheels are more vulnerable to impulse than legs, tracked health-bricks, and most hovers.

Despite this, it’s still fine because low-rarity cannons can still disrupt enemies and alpha-strike pressure is more effective than tanking.

Wheels of Fortune: A fun and balanced game mode. Much like other brawls. Because of how Fortunes work, an immobilized player can still participate, which is good.

Sudden Death: Very fast paced and fun. With triple Parser and cloak, I could sneak up on an enemy and maim them in one strike. Durability bricks are not a good idea because Machine Guns are very popular and can very quickly disarm their target. Strike first is the tactic of choice.

Double Shot: Because the second shot seems linked to the impact of the first shot, Scorpion can fire very quickly. Duck out from cover, fire 4 shots in total, duck back behind cover in a couple seconds. Cannons must wait much longer, leaving themselves more exposed and allowing the target to react. I used a fast Avalanche with Omni vehicle, and played very aggressively to ensure I got value from the second shot. Also, doubling Yaoguai drones leads to some severe area-denial tactics. It was an okay game mode.

Deadly Soccer: A twist on a well-known gamemode. I tried triple Toadfish, but the low durability (due to the 7000 PS limit) meant opponents could destroy my vehicle easily for a temporary 3-2 player advantage, which is devastating. Also, Toadfish is dependent on landing the second shot for impulse, which is difficult. I had more success with a double-Miller brick (with one radiator) to maintain pressure on the ball. Autocannons are a cheap and effective way for newer players to participate in this mode, which is good.

Pursuit: I like the dynamic nature of this mode. It requires movement, and encourages constant action with both the incentive (stay near the hover thing) and the mechanics (quick respawn, PowerScore limit, and combat boosters). I haven’t done particularly well in this mode, but I can say from observation that King landmines are very effective for maintaining a lead. However, the humble Sledgehammer can be brutal when combined with a combat booster, which allows new players to participate effectively.

Anomalous Zone: A nice way to end the festival. Free for all, with extra effects to add an element of unpredictability. No Power Score limit, so you can bring all your cool stuff to the mode. However, reducing movement grip is just frustrating to work with.

Overall, I think Impulsiveness was the best mode. What do you think?


I enjoyed all the brawls I played, but didn’t play most of them.
I really wish they had descriptions though. Just tell us what the rules are before we play it!


I only really got to play Impulsiveness and Anomalous Zone. Loved both!

yeah, this is something I think would really help things out.

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I didn’t try any of them because of lack of descriptions in the UI.

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they did somewhere in the news but not in game sadly…i said this in forum somewhere… :thinking:

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Impulsiveness: It was pretty funny, only problem with it was that double and triple toadfish builds could instakill builds from hitting them with such impulse the builds get deleted out of going too fast. I liked it

Wheels of fortune: Limited firing angle for the weapon, sideways dash function. Absolutely hated it during the clown car brawl event, absolutely hated it now. After this did not bother with the other brawls like this and only focused on the ones that change gameplay. But the one with Flutes was fun because of no limited firing angles. For that brawl, the strafing actually worked neat. But did not feel like playing the other ones, might have tested them once, can’t remember, probably were not fun because I can’t remember

Sudden Death: did not like it, it just amplified existing imbalance of weapons in general, felt like normal gameplay but on a higher gear when it comes to cheesing with op stuff

Double shot: Very fun, on certain guns, and very poopy, on certain guns. Some guns, like cannons, took way too long for the second shot to happen, and there was no reason to give the Yaoguai such spammability, especially when the Vulture did not get the same treatment. Summators, Arguments and Parsers were top fun, wish the regular nailguns did a double shot at max charge, or we get a legendary nailgun that does a double shot

Charge: Annoying weapon spamming mode

Soccer: The cheese was off the walls, and most of the time it was team of 3 vs team of 2 players for whatever reason. Hated it, freedom of builds did not work well for this mode.

Pursuit: I can’t understand what’s happening, and it’s a race. I don’t like racing games to begin with so even if I came first a few times I could have had more fun watching paint dry

Anomalous zone: Changes happen way too fast, you’re about to take advantage of a modifier, oh look it changed and you’re about to be destroyed because of that, oh look it changed again and you did not die and can now-oh look it changed again but-ohlookitchangedohlookitchangedohlookitchanged

While neat I only liked Impulsiveness, rewards sucked but then again that was a good thing because I could ignore most of it.

This game really needs it’s impulse back