Rewards are getting worse and worse everyday

Man, the rewards never were good to start with, but now it’s getting worse, look at this. (plastic)
This is the second week that i can’t …i just can’t bring myself to play anymore, i’m hitting a wall here.
7 minutes, 8 minutes for what? nothing worthy .
this is the second week i’m failing even the weekly badges in all fronts.
they really should scrap the raids.
This is the second week where i do a couple of games and that’s it, i call it a day.

I just did that raid right now got 16 plastic (24 with premium)

I used a 3.4K PS cheap wheeled waps build I was testing (see “EAB” topic)
Avoid Steel Cradle unless you’re in a hurry: it’s fast but doesn’t give much bots to kill hence rewards.
What’s your raid build? Your performance hence rewards depend of it.

Rewards in raids are based on the points you get. The final two plastic raids I did today were steel cradles and they’re the worst when it comes to payout.

Like Charlie said, it works by score. Personally I merely only do frontier defense in medium or hard for better score > better rewards with like really high ps/dura mg builds.
Incinerators gives insane scores if you know where to aim your puddles, but doesnt work best in all raids, usually better in frontier defense and you kinda need a decent team to finish the bots youre heating/burning up.
One thing though, I’ve noticed raids are getting harder than they were let’s say last fall. (I remember the devs posting something like a poll about it not long ago too)
Some bots are too tanky, some aggro too much and some are just too broken to have. (like retcher bots with nomads)
But yes the rewards are really meh by default so it being harder just makes it worse. Thus why I mainly only do frontier defense especially if you got premium since 50%+ extra is better on a basic 100 units than lets say a 30.