Rework or add new premium

Is just simple ,
rework premium or create a new one more expesive but with more rewords.

maybe more gold, missions and badges for who dont want play clan wars, i totally pay more for premium with give me more advantage now .

The sad state of gaming and gamers in 2022 lmao.


Projecting 1 player’s opinion onto gamers and gaming in general. Good job m8

I don’t know about giving the dev’s more cash cow money making ideals, but I do agree the current premium needs an upgrade, maybe 50 gold to start with and for every 30 day period you have you’d get an extra 10 gold so then next 30 day period of premium be 60 then 70 and so on
And for every 30 day period the bonus you get for resources would go up 5% every 30 day, starting the first 30 days and under would be 50%, next 30 days be 55% then 60% and so on and both would reset after the expiring of premium subscription, but you won’t get any more bonuses after 360 day or (1 year of premium)

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I got premium a few times, it is not worth it to me.

Without some kind of rework I will never buy it again.

It seems like it is only made for people without a job that are going to grind everything, every week.

Wow - awesome statement. I have a job and have premium - dont need to spend 8 hours a day to make most of it. I run a bronze - Silver clan so for me it can be worth around to 45 Uranium per week - but yeah, for half price at xmas and for 2,340 of Uranium, its really not worth it…lol…

I got premium in new years sale and it gives me just more stuff for playing less, as i dont want to grind that much and 5-6 minutes to make most dailies in patrol is an option. Also 40 coins a day for it is just nice addition - so up to 14 600 coins for $30 isnt bad rate.

Sorry if you took offense, if you have the kind of job where you can cap out resources in XO and still work then more power to you.

Many of us don’t.