Yep im gonna post the obvious here.
Machine guns are ridiculously overpowered.
You can disagree, but my last 5 years in crossout facing enemy teams mostly consisted of machine gun users will prove otherwise.

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In the 6+ years I have played Crossout they have only been good the last few years.

For a looooooong time Punishers were completely trash and no competitive teams played MG. We had a few MG metas that popped up for a few weeks or a month or so - but nothing major like firedog or typhoon meta that lasted years and years. (Talking about the first 4+ years of Crossout)

I don’t think that the guns are the issue - it is mouse steering that should be removed.

With as many issues as you seem to have with the game - you might want to try a new PS. (Just an idea)


come to low powerscore and you will see how bad it is.

I played lots of MGs for the first few years, and they were definitely not strong back then.

Even now, their dominance is mostly due to the defensive modules and certain building techniques that only became really popular over the last year.

I do think some have a bit too much range, and I think the devs need to push the projectile changes a bit further to make the horseshoe builds less effective against cannons.

I would give the same advice - Play a different power score.

white “Huginn” cab shotguns are now popular for PS 5000-5400

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I don’t.
They have been viable for a long time and my preferred choice when I feel like de-gunning/de-wheeling people. (not so much de-wheeling anymore though).

  1. Gerrida Perk needs to be nerfed to a flat 15% spread reduction from 30% when strafing
  2. Camera Steering removes the need for weapons to rotate in their sockets which increases spread
  3. ALL hitscan needs to be like shotguns with a minimum spread that is much higher than 0 so a theoretical aimbot CANNOT hit every shot on a small weapon 75 meters out. If it has no lead/ballistic skill requirement it should suffer in accuracy.
  4. Heatup rate on parts reduced according to part mass and the damage multiplier from heat should be cut in half.
  5. Rework Nothungs and Gungnirs to be a never-overheat machinegun with low DPS and very high durability with slow turn speed like miniguns. The game design director is just a childish moron with how most weapons are implemented.

I have just summarized EVERY problem with hitscan meta in a way nobody else will do.

In high clan wars there are approximately two build types that are used and are proven to be actually effective.

Hover horse shoe shape, spider horse shoe shape, plus some other variations in shape using nova usually.

The reason why horse shoe is so effective is because it allows mediocre players and above to worry much less about random shots taking their guns.

All of the above are decent in clan wars, spiders mostly in groups though.

Far from op, hovers tend to be extinct and even the spider builds are getting outclassed by the helios humpback.

So no machineguns are strong but far from broken.

do miniguns count in that to? i dont really use alot of machineguns but i use arbiters. i got a set of 4 of them, only 1 fused.
i have a few tacklers but i never really use them. i know reapers can be powerful as well but they have a downside to them.
anyways what machineguns are the most op? i remember people saying tacklers used to be pretty powerful to.

In my opinion the horse shoe, spaced armor should be detrimental, its a funnel guiding all bullets and shrapnel torwards the guns

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I would think it would focus the blast wave from explosive weapons at the guns.

Or machine gun rounds instead of flying past their weapons, now they ricochet off the armor into their weapons. So i should win the strafing battle. I also believe if you block weapons that rotate 360° the weapons should damage themselves trying to rotate