Devs, when will you change the riper its utterly useless atm

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I have 2 Ripper and didnt whant to buy a 3rd one…cause 2 are fun at 12k with hadron reload and king. But thats it mostly. Higher ps or clan wars you need at least 3. But then you have one energie open only and to play it on 13k is not possible. But 3 porcs at 10k or 2 breaker even possible at 10k. Scorps you can play from 11,5 ps up…firebug also low ps. 2 Jormungandr with aegis at 10k np…so why dont make Ripper 2400 ps? Or 4 energie would fix it too…

I wish they would make the ripper a real mine layer. This weapon is not good enough for a relic.