Rise scoring

I am getting about 100 wires and 18 electronics (at no fuel cost/raid time) per game. It’s like doing an electronics raid and getting 100 wires free and the electronics for no fuel cost.

I am not sure where you are making more per time spent than that.

I try to do all the other modes first Dailies and fuel raids using the daily allotment. Then I go visit rising if I have time. So it’s the 5 dailies, 1 to 2 heli due to the event, 200 fuel, conf at the start of the week… then rise event.

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I have no clue the entire formula, but by your logic, if you were to cab a mammoth bot and only get yellow numbers, you would get 0 points, as no parts were destroyed.

The only consistency im seeing is shooting more eyes means more points.

A good sign I am on my way to another game, I can’t think of the last time I used all 200 fuel, or completed all 5 dailies.

I occasionally will skip a day but for the most part it’s everyday. When I get bored with how I’m playing I just figure out something else in there to do or I’ll come up with something really stupid to entertain myself with for a while.

Raids are indeed kind of boring sometimes I’ll just go in and strip the bots of wheels and guns and just leave them there. You kind of have to make your own fun or you’ve already kind of given up on having fun with it.

I just play a different game. Fun accomplished.

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i want to also note that destroying enemies gives very little in the way of time added to your remaining timer. i destroyed a mammoth bot in the later waves and got no extra time. if i did it was probably 1 second or so. the other bots give a small amount to. some give like 10 seconds or so while others give like 3 or even none. i dont see how this is fair when you have to kill bots to progress but most bots give no extra time, and if they do its very little. i noticed this after wave 10 as well. destroying bots doesnt give much time. completing a wave gives 30 seconds.

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At the end of each battle you can see the points you earned if you hover your cursor over your score on the right.

As you can see, most score is from part destruction and kills, you get some minor points from things like first blood or capturing points.

So i say again, if you only hit a cab, destroy no parts and dont get a kill, your score would be 0.
even if you did a million damage.

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You do realize we’re talking about the event raid right not normal pvp, right?

Do you realize this was reply to someone else than the OP?

Yeah try to keep it loosely on topic… Your pissy fight with dhawk is distracting.

You are right, the point system is different in that raid.

the timer and how time is added is the most unfair bs rework they done with the event. timer start and bots have not spawned yet wtf is that? also they did not even payed attention to player respawn. lately i respawned with 2 mammoths bots in the back of me insta degunning me. i really love the mode, but why they had to make it hardcore???

yep same happened to me. i spawned in and instantly get targeted by 2 mammoths that instantly shot off 2 of my guns.
also one other thing happened that got me angry as well. i went to shoot a bot with my porcs and… they BOUNCED OFF THE BOT… im really not joking, i went to toss 3 porcs at the bot and it just bounced off it. the same thing happened to me when i was using 3 fortunes, the fortunes bounced off the bot wasting my shot and causing me to take unneeded damage. and before you ask, yes, i did see the porcs and the fortunes physically hit the bot, my hit was right on the cabin and it just bounced off with no effect. they didnt pop and no damage was dealt. i thought that was very unfair.

but yes the most unfair is them dropping you back into the battle where enemies are. they respawned me back in next to a bunch of bots and all the bots (about 8 or 10 of them) just surrounded me and started driving up my bumper, boxing me in and surrounding me only to kill me within a few seconds of me spawning back in.

then you have the idiots in there purposefully self destructing just to wear out the timer, idk why people do this but its ridiculous and just makes them look bad. ive come across far to many idiots doing this. they get to a certain point then they dont even try anymore, they just keep self destructing until you lose.

‘For This’ …
'if they fix all the leader boards,this wouldn’t happen… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
go look at how high the lb is lol…why bother playing?


umm… i just looked at it… how the hell did people get that high in the scoring?

the thing is if you had 5 porcs on each player i think the matches would go fast due to the amount of damage the porcs do.

but i had a look and yeah… literally an entire clan is at the top of the leader boards.

resources? i mean thats what im playing for anyways. getting free wires is good for me since i dont play pvp and im always in need of them so itll save me a ton of badges in the long run.

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99% sure it was a bot with blue eyes who either you or your teammate popped (and turned into an allie) right as your projectiles hit.

I’m playing it because it’s a way to get electronics without doing the same raids I’ve already done for 5 years. And wires on top of it, all without fuel cost.

Of note, I was in a game of this, with two guys in helicpters… looked like giant cranes. As long as I stayed hidden the bots locked onto them at the top of the tower, they then proceeded to drop porcs on them. So if you see someone doing that suicide over and over :joy: or ride the coat tails.

i know this because i fought both of them and they both were enemies with the RED eyes. neither of them had any blue on them.

its a good strategy. i come across a few players doing this and it works well! they were dropping porcs on them?? can you mount porcs upwards / downwards? i never tried it before.

why cost yourself the match? it helps because they dont die as much and its worth keeping them in the match. i say ride it out for as long as you can, you got nothing to lose except rewards if you want to be a troll.

this exactly. i dont do pvp so im locked out of wires, this is the reason i do this event is to get wires for myself. the electronics are a bonus but im getting lots so im not complaining about that either. so far got 12k wires and 2600 electronics. not bad imo and im glad im getting so much. this is going to save me a metric f*** ton of badges on getting wires lol.