Rise scoring

How does the Rise of the Machine scoring work? I had a battle scoring 79447 damage, 29810 damage rec’d and scored 14805 points. A guy in the match had 48247 damage, 40856 rec’d and got 14814 points. How? Maybe I misread the #'s? Possible I reckon. Thanks.

I wish I had a good answer. I think many of us are scratching our heads over it.

Point wise they said freeing the blue eyed ones give extra points.

Damage wise seems like it’s still normal rules: High DPS, flame puddles…

They didn’t tell us much else beyond that.

I noticed I finished first a lot in the matches and don’t consider myself a master at this. So I wouldn’t be surprised if shooting the eyes in general gives extra points. One of the voice overs say’s aim more carefully. That’s just speculation on my part though as I’ve been aim at those a lot.

Score is not calculated by how much damage you inflict, but by how many parts you destroy on enemy vehicles.

Red_shift, you clearly have no clue what youre talking about.

Enlighten us then with your wisdom DHawk216 on why domokdow gets less score while doing twice the damage.

cracks me up that everything ends up being a fight here.

Thanks guys. I’m pretty sure I saw somewhere that more points are given for shooting the eyes off. Maybe on the intro screen…not sure.

based on my experience theres a few ways to score points.
destroying enemies nets you points though not many. as far as i could tell its 1 point per kill but i could be wrong. im going to do more research in the matches to confirm this.

completing each wave nets you points as well, how many? im not sure but i think theres a set number of points each wave, ill also be noting these down as i go so ill play a few matches and make an additional reply here with my findings.

i think theres objectives in here but i think the objective is to just complete the waves which might provide additional points.

i also think time has to do with it as well possibly? the more time you have the higher you score perhaps? again it needs research done.

ok so you gain the most points for completing waves. 1700 points for “completing tasks”
you gain 1 - 3 points from eliminating enemies. (im guessing depending if it was an assist or not. 3 if you fully defeated the enemy, 2 if it was assisted or 1 if you did enough damage to kill / assist.)
152 points (give or take) for defeating a boss

EDIT: so it varies on points per wave completed. i was getting 1250 for the earlier waves and around 1500 for later waves going up to 1700 per wave later on. so getting to higher waves does make a difference in points gained.

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so a much cleaner point of this is this.

1 - 3 points depending on how you defeat an enemy

  • 3 points if you defeat the enemy by yourself with no assistance.
  • 2 points if you had someone assist you early on.
  • 1 point if you get enough damage when they are already weak enough to be killed for it to register.

a varying number of points on the boss depending how much damage you did to it. 0 - 152 was the max i got but it can be higher. im guessing the cap for it is 200 or so?

upon completing a wave you gain points for completing tasks. these points can range from 1250 and upwards getting higher as you go up in waves. highest i seen was 1700 at the higher waves.

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what does it really matter? Most scores are within 20 of each other. It’s PVE. pew pew and collect reward.

It’s just another race to a competitive potential end prize, not sure why your so down on it. The modes not too bad to punish test a build on too. Besides that it’s kind of fun.

I mean there is an “exploit”. Why would the score matter unless you are exploiting and then you will have top scores anyway.

I am not down on the mode at all, I enjoy it very much actually.

Scores can matter regardless of the exploiting stuff, just cheats people out of prizes. Most people can kind of tell whose doing the exploits. I take the crappiness of the system pretty well though. The per match rewards are fairly ok, they didn’t nerf them like the big chase. Remember that fiasco.

I like the stress testing bit of the endless waves. It eats too much of the daily rep bonus though so I tend to save playing it for last.

i like the mode to, i just wish it could stay around.

i usually get to at least wave 10 and the rewards are nice. aint complaining about getting wires and electronics. it saves me money and badges lol.

i got something like 220k rep for my faction in one match… LOL im like “holy crap did i break something!?” xD

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It’s stupidly high it wipes out my daily amount super fast.

hey, i aint complaining. it gets me more faction levels and free level up boxes for stabilizer containers lol. additional money when we are able to trade them again. or i could use them myself if i want to.

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Those prestige parts aren’t easy to reach unless you buy in too, so there’s also that too…

This is a good thing. You get all your bonus out of the way in one match. You still earn reputation for anything you play beyond that. And you don’t have to play as long.

I’m having difficulty understanding your thinking. Doesn’t matter if you earn the rep in normal modes or this mode, it’s still rep gained. Is there something I am missing or is it just preference on earning rep?

You don’t seem to understand I want to earn the most resources per reputation gain I can. Not the other way around. My levels once out of the kiddy pool zone don’t matter and hasn’t mattered even more since hitting 15 in every faction…

I earn coin based on the resources I can mine out of the game not the reputation. As that daily allotment of bonus rep goes down so does the amount I can mine out of the game. Killing that amount fast isn’t better.