Road to Singularity Builds: What new building techniques are you trying?

Topic for people to post what new things they are trying and maybe mention a few things about them that work or dont work.

The general principle of this is to hide most all of the armor behind the Bastion cab, making Scorpions and Typhoons have nothing to shoot at besides the front plow. And as ive mentioned in another thread, no weapon can pierce the cab anymore, Scorpions included. There are six legs, and you have to take all 4 of the front ones to dip it. Also, all frames are over the Scorps damage limit, meaning framing it is going to take a dzoen or so accurately placed scorp shots. The biggest weakness it has it against vertical MG builds, but as those are starting to disappear, its not been too bad. Dogs can still roast it if the hit from behind, but frontally i will kill a firedog outright before he can out DPS me, and from the side, im able to easily rotate them to the front. Shotgun builds have 0 chance beyond parking directly in the back of my build. They cant look at the weapons due to the camera angle, so they are 100% unable to strip me. Destructors still pose a huge threat, but im able to strip them before they kill me down if im around full health. Its done quite well so far and will be even more formidable when i put the new legs and engine on it.

What else have you guys tried, or seen, so far since the update that is different and effective? Ive seen teams trying to use Barriers, with mixed reults. I definitely think shield meta is coming once people iron out the builds and team comps.


I’ve only been driving and testing old builds, but it’s been interesting seeing others trying lots of new things.
Hover players are changing their builds a lot, and it seems like using bumpers as armour is the big thing right now. Not sure how effective it is though.
Seeing a lot more spiders and dogs above 10kPS, and seeing a fewer MG builds overall. Millers still seem pretty popular and strong though.

Shields of all types seem to be popular too.

Using parts with high bullet resist is a good thing right now.

It stops the rounds from penetrating deep into the build then exploding.

Also, bumpers stop melee dogs.

I’m also seeing hover players replacing their light screens with heavier pieces of armour, although that also means less screens, so the look is quite different.

I’ve reverted to my old ways, or rather my old ways are finally working again. After the speed nerf, wheel nerf, hand-brake nerf, rotation-speed nerf, nothing I built worked anymore. I wasn’t having any fun.

Now with wheels rejuvenated, the speed I used to rely on to improve the armor-class of my builds is back (if I can use a D&D refernce here). So, as long as it’s fast, I have a lot more freedom to build things with aesthetics I like to play, rather than the oppresive META or die situation that it was before.

I had an artsy Hoover build with two Barriers and a couple Owls that made Patrol feel a little like cheating, it was so effective…I really don’t like Hoovers, though, and I would sell them, but the price on Icarus IVs tanked deeper than I care to accept. So, I guess I hang on to them. I didn’t think they got nerfed hard enough to justify the mass abandonment they are experiencing, but whatever. Kids want what’s OP, and now they’re not, I guess.

Not much appears to be OP, as far as I’ve seen. I think I like the balance, so far. I don’t know if this update has opened up more build-diversity for other players yet, but it has revived my old inventory somewhat, and has allowed some fun and competitive PVP matches to come my way (finally), despite my focus being more towards aesthetics rather than the META.

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I haven’t built anything new. Spent time remapping the buttons. Then I bought a different game.

I’ve really been enjoying playing some of my older fast wheeled builds.
The compact style of armour doesn’t feel like as much of a liability anymore, and I am loving the handling and acceleration I’m getting.
Shotguns and MGs don’t feel quite as powerful as before, but are still performing good enough to keep me happy. First time I tried an old Parser build that had a deliberately inflated PS I got an MVP, which surprised me.
(I inflated the PS because I had been trying for the highest PS build I could make without sacrificing any of the speed I can get at lower PS, as an experiment).

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Interesting Build, I’ve been running a mix of range between Kaiju (Spider) and Scorps (Hover). In Either case when I see the Bastion Cab, I aim just above the Blade getting pure Cab damage. Or Depending on angles and such aim for the Weapons and other Bits to make it go.

Shooting the blade would be pointless unless I’m running an energy build…just saying