Road to singularity lighter amount

So the devs said the total amount of levels one can reach with the regular battle pass and not buying extra levels is 128

That gives regular pass owners a total of 1085 lighters, meaning 1 legendary item + 1 extra leg, or 4 legs that you can gain with lighters

If you buy the elite pass, you get +15 more levels, putting your max level at 143, meaning +580 lighters, putting your grand total of lighters at 1665, meaning 2 legendaries and 365 leftover lighters, so 1 leg. Or 6 legs in total, or 1 legendary and 4 extra legs

Keep that in mind when you try to figure out if you want to buy the pass and grind lighters, and what to get with them. 2 legendaries for the price of an elite battle pass, 35 euromoney

The next +200 lighters sits at 5 levels away at level 148 (+45 lighters from the earlier levels) so if you want to reach that, you’d need to buy 5 levels which are 30 crosscrowns each which is 150 crosscrowns, which is 14 euromonies for the 175 crosscrown scamcoin pack


I like that they made it clearer this time. I don’t believe they meant to scam us in the last BPs… I really believe they just screwed up.

I mean… the whole crosscrown thing is obviously a scam, but whatever.

Less than that. Some 75+ levels reward lootboxes and coins instead.

Scratch that, they give 100 and 200 for some levels

So you have to grind up to levels ~90 to get yourself one additional fused legendary. Or some more to get 4 more fused Gerridas.

And you have to either drop a lot of money or sit FOUR MONTHS playing every day.

This is not good. This is not normal. This is not how BP is done or should be done.

Scratch that too, this is still bad, but regular rewards are barely enough to make the BP worthy.

They perfectly understand what they’re doing.

I dunno man… they can’t even pronounce the names to the parts they create. :rofl:

“Always assume the best excuse for another’s behavior…” - me :grin:

Welp, that’s your point of view.

I prefer to form conclusions out of actions, behaviour, and any evidence/outcome.

Bad Engurishu doesn’t mean they’re also bad at math. Lighters they calculated pretty neatly, requiring of regular players to sit through the whole summer, if they want to get one more fused legendary — including Charybdis.

Did you look closely at the rewards for upper leveling? They are spaced to make someone buy more cross-crown packs… with 200 lighters just after the breaks. Nope, they just added that in there on accident.