Road to Singularity teaser

If that new gun is as OP as y’all are suggesting, maybe I’ll drop back down to the 7k realm until it’s nerfed. :joy:

this battle pass looks like a pretty awesome value with 4 fused leg epic legs ,1 fused legendary engine, 1 fused legendary cabin, 1 fused legendary melee part, 1 fused legendary gun that doesnt require you to craft another
and access to so many other parts with great fusions , idk how many lighters you get off base pass but i imagine with all the parts in the pass plus lighters anyone could have a really solid midrange build


Between the Polar Lights and this one, a new player could be suddenly playing at a pretty high PS.


This one looks pretty good.

If it is the same as the last BP I’m going to assume you will get enough lighters to at least have a full set of 8 legs. (4 from the pass and 4 with lighters) This is what I plan to do.

I like the lighters because it lets people have a choice in what they get instead of forcing them to take stuff they will not use.

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Right. For me, I’m not interested in getting fused legendary Mauler saws and I am only a little bit excited about the legs. But, I’ve been wanting fused Reapers and fused Hammerfalls and now I can get a set of one or the other with excellent fuses. I will probably go for Hammerfalls as my clan doesn’t play spiders. I love getting what I want out of the pass.

If there was one thing that could be even better under this system, is if there were alternate fusions offered for the items in the battlepass. For example, I would love the option to get a -mass + mass Pegasus, or a -Mass +Power Kronos. For extremely important items, different fusions are ideal for different builds.

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Depending on how this patch pans out, they might.

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i may just get 2 legs with lighters and craft 4 , i have most of the ingredients and dont use them

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