Road to Singularity teaser

Gotta say, they do a good job making the teaser art look amazing. Those legs… :drooling_face:

📣 [Announcement] First Look on “Road to Singularity” With Devs!

😎 Survivors!

There are only a couple days until “Road to Singularity” will be open for everyone! And it means that there is time to check out all of the updates with devs on a livestream!

See you tomorrow, June 6 at 14-00 UTC on our YouTube and Twitch!


Yes. Those legs. That’s some XO-sci-fi I can admire (finally). That might help me get over mourning the death of Mad Max a little. I don’t know how I can resist those. That schizz is creepy-delicious. I’m going to want a set of those. We needs it.


My goal for the upcoming patch would be 8 of the light legs fused and as many of the new legendary melee weapon you need for a full set fused.

I’m not even interested in the new relic.

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I be at work but holy hell that’s some resident evil-looking stuff right there!

Look fuse boi is bragging about getting everything fused, he probably doesn’t pay in-game tax!

Hopes: Thyrsus is a cool weapon rather than just a Kaiju 2.0 same stuff as always, new weapon ck’s, cool paints, legs are cool

Worries: Unobtainable relic is the most fun gun out of all the new guns

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I know several people that will get these on day one. They had to save up for a few months, but far from unobtainable.

Hmmm, maybe the people that think relics are unobtainable can’t save coins? I get it, coins burn a hole in my pocket sometimes too.

For me, if I set my mind to a goal of getting a set of relics I basically can not buy any new items for 2-3 months or so. I’m sure many people just can’t keep that money in their banks and have to spend it.

Without a reliable access to uranium outside clan wars where people have to suck up to such individuals as yourself, a person can save for all they like and still not afford a single relic.

Relics are being kept away from regular players and you know it, even people in clans know it as far as I hear because even then uranium is hard to come by without any connections and cheapery.


I have not played clan wars in over a year.

I can still make enough coins for a Relic in 5-6 weeks.

Just because you don’t know how to do it or don’t have the motivation to do it does not make it impossible. People do it all the time.

Like everything in life, as soon as you say you can’t do something then you never will.

It does not require Ore to get a Relic, that is a crafters mentality. Crafters are going to have a hard time.

Accidentally put my replay for this one on the hover thread, lol. Anyways. watching the stream, (and I could be wrong but) it seems like they’re taking the lore thing a bit more seriously. Maybe they read the review I pieced together from everyones suggestions here :slight_smile:

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Alright prove it and that you are not all talk, how did you make enough coin for a relic in 5-6 weeks, how much coin did you make all in all give or take, which relic did you buy? What specific resources did you grind? Did you buy anything with real money? Time to see if you’re just putting up airs of you actually did it

And don’t give that “Noo I don’t want to tell you you have to figure out yourself” copium, prove that you aren’t just pulling up things form your own anus.

He plays the market, and has a big enough inventory that he can do it effectively.
At least that’s how I remember him explaining it.


Thank you Poony, but you don’t need a big inventory to do it. Once you get an account to 1000 -1500 coins then I can do it.

I have tried to explain it many times before and instead of people listening they just dismiss it as being false. So, I’m not going into a full market tutorial today, but I will include the screenshot below.

Also, this is off topic, please feel free to message me and I will reply, but let’s not get into a market conversation in this thread.

Cheapest relic at this moment is 27993 coins, divided by 6 weeks that would be 4660 coins per week, it’s going to take a lot of “playing the market” to reach that


The relics on Xbox are double that price.
And I make on average 10,000 coins a week. Sometimes if a new event comes out I can make 2-5k coins in a single day. I have had weekends where I have made over 10k coins in two days. (Also, I do not spend hour and hour on the market, maybe 15-30min a day tops.)

Xbox is the prefect platform for free players.

PC market is trash.

So my main advice for free players is to start an account on Xbox, and for pay to play players they should play PC.

Now let’s get back on topic please.

I wish the live stream had shown more of the projectile changes, but I guess I can wait to experience it first hand.
Legs look really fun, new engine is a game changer, and the sniper gun is intriguing.
Not sure what I think of the cabin, but I’m sure I’ll find a use for it.

I doubt I’ll be getting that relic anytime soon, but I like the concept of the different shells. Penetrate-heat-explode sounds like it could be very effective if all the rockets hit the same spot, and it looks like they shoot pretty quick from the video.

Edit: forgot about the new saw. Definitely going to use that, although I don’t love the perk.

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I agree that Relics are for elitists and those elites keep them an elite weapon to protect the status of Relics, but Relics are designed to be for the few not for the many, blame that on the devs so when someone who owns them and deals with them says “save your coins bub” It’s the equivalent of a rich person saying invest your money you can be rich too knowing full well you have to have spare funds in order to invest, so yeah, uranium not easy to get even if you’re in clan wars unless you’re the elite of elites and if you want to buy uranium it’s like 400 coins per 10 last time I checked and you need 600 per Relic … Just using that example it’ll cost 240000 coins to buy what is needed, or the cheaper option is to flat out buy the relic you want
But :monkey: is the same dude who posts pictures of MTG cards with the caption these are worth somebody’s house, so :monkey: probably just :whale: himself though this game!

The new relic is terrifying. People love Waltz on Xbox so I know I’m getting hit with this day 1. Waltz has half charge time half reloading. New relic has no charge time meaning its much easier to shoot and it reloads twice as fast. I don’t know if I can deal with a Waltz with 100 percent more DPS. Oh, and it armor pierces and heats and stuff.

Oh and it has 400 something durability.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.


Yeah, I already think Waltz is good, and this thing has huge potential. Scary indeed!

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For sure :slight_smile:

It’s going to be brutal right off the bat.