Rock City should make some modifications

When we play this map, probably only the right side of the map is the battle point, and the player will hardly go to the left.
Sometimes computers or rookies will go there to occupy the base, only to lose the battle because there are fewer people

I suggest widening the position of these two circles and setting them as the player’s spawn point, and opening up the mountain in the middle to make a tunnel that allows the player to quickly pass through the left and right sides of the map and fight there

That might be because the rock at E7 is slightly wider and seems more suitabel for cover moving N/S direction. I think its fine - fully symetrical maps are boring.

or just make the timer faster to capture the cap…
would force players to protect the cap instead of trying to flank and fight there the whole game…

The rock bridge on the bottom needs a little smoothing, it has some of those invisible micro bumps that hang on low parts. I normally see fighting in about 4 different spots normally. (F7,8), (G4 upper layer and lower), entrance to the cap spot and cap spot. It’s never been one of the maps that really bother me.

There’s supposed to be a city inside and on outside of the main rock so I don’t think a tunnel would be good for it.

I would just lose the cap all together.
People go right if them spawn at H8, H7 but people do go left if they spawn at E8, that’s because it’s the shorter way to the adversary team.
Sometimes it’s a skirmish before the main battle, other times it’s the main battle right there, making the rest of the map redundant .
I think the bottom part of the map it’s useful for range builds (normally they hang around G4) but also to slower builds ( going from H7/H8 or G7 ), they have more chance to reach the base in time if the fight extents to the cap zone.
I think changing the spawn zone would not change the dynamics, we can see the same dynamics in other maps.
What’s different in this map both spawns are close together, right beside each other and on the other maps they are in opposite sides.