Rock City

There used to be a giant cliff wall between the 2 teams spawn points.


Ever since they removed it a long time ago, this map has just been a fuckfest of splitting up the team.

Maybe its time to put the wall back?

I think that was the intention of removing it. It forces players to make a choice head to the center, the long range camp spots, or go for quick points for the quick engagement with the rear line up.

nobody ever goes to the middle, only bots which then win the game by capping

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On PC people actually do go to center but it’s often late or too late. I think it’s mostly because people get really pissy and chatty and start to complain when the other players don’t do it.

Honestly I’m not a big fan of capture the center as a mode though, nor am I a big fan of the capture 2 out of 3 modes either. If we really got into it most of capture ideas are kind of worthless scenario wise in general. It’s a poor example of siege warfare and gives players a cheap out when they eventually get degunned.

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the ones splitting the team are those who head for the cap.
very rarely that tactic works and when it works, in the majority of the times, it’s because the other team also went for the cap

Stand and fight it’s much better, cut the " middle man" and go for the " jugular ".
There are only two cases where this tactic fails.

1 - if the other team gains the upper hand
2- If team mates start going to the cap and leave the front line

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