Rotors are not a weapon!

Why would my Rotors turn on because I press fire all weapons?
Why would the game consider my Rotor to be a weapon?
Because mentally disabled people program the game? What bull crap is this?
Once again, I can’t play one GD Patrol Mission without huge lag and packet loss and the only thing i can do is sit the circle and press fire all weapons to deploy my turrets and prevent base capture. I can’t do anything else and am lucky to even be in the circle! So, I do not need the god damn rotor turning on while trying to defend the base! Rotors are not a Weapon! God damn it! My Flares fire when I fire all weapons, my Holograms activate when I fire all weapons! Are flare and holograms Weapons? Why the fudge does my rotor turn on when I fire all weapons?? Stupid, lazy, no good, don’t play your own game makers is why!

And the icing on the fudging cake! I modified my vehicle to add a cannon for five patrol victories. So, I get kicked for suspicious behavior because of crappy servers and now I have to fix my vehicle manually instead of just undoing the changes I made. Such fudging bull craps! Fix your servers! Do not kick me because your servers are crap! Do not treat my rotor like a weapon!

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set everything to one fire button then have rotors on another. problem solved

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Zodd, check in your settings, and under key binds/general controls, look for an “Activate Everything” control. Maybe it’s set to some key that you’re pressing when the battle starts. Mine is nulled-out.

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Notice how it says “activate everything” and not “activate all weapons”. It’s doing exactly what it should do

When it said everything, it meant everything

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Thank you

Melee rotors; how is that not a thing?

I do hit enemy with my rotors many times, so yeah. I had not read that setting in years. I could be mixing it up with a Mech game from Steam which had activate all weapons. Just get rid of the massive lag every night and I would not have to use Activate Everything just to defend myself.

The mouse buttons do not respond during the massive lag spikes and packet loss. By pressing Activate Everything repeatedly, eventually my Turrets deploy when I catch up to real time. Also, I do not get kicked for being idle because I am constantly tapping the key. I always have a Detector, so even stuck in one spot, I feel I help the team just sitting there waiting for 5 minutes a for a 3-minute Patrol to complete.
Sometimes I am already dead and do not know it for 2 minutes.