Rrise of the Machines ,your thoughts

I just spend more than 25 minutes in the Rise of the Machines, in a single game).
wave 16 and i got 67 wires , in a previous game i did 40 something in a 16 minutes game uhmmm.

I went to my archives and i found out this. ( last operation Radiance ).

and then i went after this

As we can see, time spent in battle and collected rewards differs by a lot. (no premium time on both, and the same type of rewards and average everyday games)
I’m doing it with my PVE build, it’s not best suitable for this but it does the job

The thing is…
Do you think it’s worth spending half an hour for the amount the rewards we get?

would be more profitable to end the match after the third/ five wave?

I’m fairly happy getting both wires and electronics out of it. Time wise I’m not sure if it’s ideal but your not having to spend fuel on the raid either.

I went 18 waves for over 29 minutes. After 20 minutes my stamina was gone and I was feeling queesy (happens to us older adults) but kept on playing, with a greatly reduced performance. If it would have gone to 19 waves, I was going to just bail out. :frowning:

The thing is way too long; 10 waves should be the limit. I won’t be going back in.

My PVE build is meant for raids, it’s best trait is being grind wear resistant. But that protection to the player doesn’t work in a 25 minute game flooded with bots, 14 bots per wave at that point.

So, you have doubts too. Raids can be more profitable, you can do 3 raids vs 1 match.
and you can do more with less wear

It’s not so much doubts but I see how much reputation bonus it uses vs the raids and returns. I tend to get nearly 100 wires and 20 electronics per run out of this just to round out the numbers. Raids I’d tend to do 2x hard and 2x medium electronics and plastic. I’d get some where around 20-30 electronics and similar in plastics if not a little higher. So I would have to look at the prices and time a bit closer to really get a feel if it’s worth it or not.

I am enjoying having something different to do though so there is that too.

It should be more about whether you like the mode or not.

Instead of calculating whether you’re making enough resources per minute, ask yourself what’s the most fun way you can win resources.


roughly 4 minutes 40 wires vs roughly 16 minutes 40 wires

that’s the thing or i do dailies and raids or i do this thing. i don’t dislike the mode but at the same time i need 100 plastic from the raids .

events like off we go or operation radiance i did it back to back but i can’t be stuck 16 minutes/ 20 minutes in a single match. specially if the reward doesn’t pay off

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