Rubber banding in some matches

randomly I will get a match that is completely unplayable I will load in, I can see what is happening, kind of the scoreboard updates when people die but I cant shoot, I cant drive and everything just rubber bands all over the place, sometimes I get disconnected from chat, and other times I can talk to people just fine, i have my f11 menu open and on the right side of my screen I have no packet loss, it feels like I just get desynced from the server, after a while I will get kicked for “suspicious activity”, I recorded it happening mid game, sorry about the trash quality, apparently I have no set up OBS yet

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Wheel85 is garbage too now?

Honestly I want to love this game, and I’ll gladly pay for the upcoming BPP considering Targem is actually working on it this time. But there’s a catch. You gotta fix your servers if you want people to put money in your game, Targem. The game’s currently f*cking unplayable a good third of the time.

Getting a time bad is just wrong now with the servers the way they are…

The same thing happens to me especially in raids, but worst my vehicle spins or shakes back and forth, at first I thought it was due to clan war people using mods, as it only happened when some clans were in the raid with me, but now it has even happen when no clan members do the raids with me, but doesn’t happen all the time and usually only in raids too

turn off vsync, anti aliasing and Lower particle density if you have any of those options in your settings on pc. Vsync on ps4 being turned off makes a huge difference. I no longer lag ever

Depending on the game and engine and what not those settings will cause lag. It’s not a matter of computing power. I used to play a game where I would multibox up to five accounts at once. I could end up lagging with just one account open. If I had those settings on and maxed. Where as turned off it was far better. It wasn’t a matter of my pc being able to handle it. My pc had a lot of resources left over and wasn’t being pushed hard, but certain settings were causing lag.

Again. On ps4 for crossout vsync is a lag creator. So for console at least turn it off. And we all know crossout isn’t stressing ps4 for graphics and resources.

why are you refusing to accept that “lag” caused by network issues isnt the same as “lag” caused by frame rate issues? the latter isnt called lag.

op has a high, unstable ping. also, maybe lock your fps to your monitors refresh rate, or double that. unstable frames never played nicely in crossout.

I had my frame rate uncapped at 300 fps to help reduce the effects of screen tearing, but I will cap it slightly under my monitors refresh rate for now to see if it helps at all, even when capping the games refresh rate to the monitor it still tears like crazy for some reason shrugs
as mupppet mentioned, I am not getting “lag” or as I would normally refer to it frame drops caused by my pc not being able to handle certain things happening, in fact my framerate couldn’t be more stable regardless of having vsync on or off and regardless of if i cap my frames at 120 or leave them uncapped at 300

wheel85 huh, that gives me an interesting theory, I’m going to record the server I’m on every time my game bugs out like this, maybe this server in particular just, hates me for whatever reason

It’s been a year since it happened to me, now it’s back and yesterday I couldn’t play the event, it happened to me in every game


For me the same thing happens but on wheell88 , the geme basically becomes unplayable as soon as i connect to that server… there are others that do it too consistently as well, but if i get in wheel88 there is always 100% chance of it happening