Running out of room

my inventory is quickly running out of space… with all the battle pass items and whatnot my inventory is so cluttered and im running out of space. not to mention crafting items as well uses alot of space. its getting to the point where i need 5 storage expansions just to get more room and it only increases it by 25. they arent cheap to make either. i had to make 3 more to expand my inventory by 25 and im betting thatll run out by the time the battle pass ends forcing me to make more space. i could sell a bunch of my stuff but i want to hold onto it for events and whatnot cause alot of blueprints cant be crafted and i dont want to buy anything on the market for those absurd prices people try to mooch off others. i am at 630 / 650 spaces and they only give out 1 storage per mini battlepass…

100 scrap
200 electronics
500 copper
200 batteries

this is what it costs per storage expansion item and this gets stupidly expensive over time. hell i only earn 20 - 25 electronics per hard raid (assuming i can actually get the raid i want…). 350 - 390 copper per hard raid and i dont do pvp for batteries so im forced to use badges to exchange for those. i get 12 - 14 scrap per pve patrol vs ai as well. also they run in the market for 400 per storage. that crap gets expensive…
idk what to do atm, im a bit confounded because i have a ton of stuff i have from mini battlepasses like weapons, modules, etc but i dont want to sell them incase we need them for future battlepasses or future crafting because, again, blueprints arent permanent anymore.

ugh this is frustrating…


I loathe the stacking extension requirements for blueprints and storage. It’s very off-putting for a new player (and older players, too. Like me!) and really has no point to it.


ikr? idk why its like that. its so damn expensive where im at. hell 5 of them is 500 scrap, 1000 electronics, 2500 copper and 1000 batteries just for 25 extra space! like common with that nonsense! also if you want 5 at 400 each thats 2000 coins just for 25 extra spaces. thats just ridiculous… i can only imagine you getting those if your very active in clan wars and are getting uranium often.

I’m in the same situation, but I think it might actually be cheaper to sell your resources and buy them on the market.

I wish there was a way to sort our storage by whether the item takes up storage space.

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The general rule seems to be, anything you buy or craft will take up storage space, with the exception of paints, stickers, structural parts, and some decor items. I remember the first time my storage was full, and was surprised to find out that I could NOT play any missions/raids etc until i increased my storage…I had just bought a car pack and got screwed because of it. Nice surprise there. :confused:

Then, be unable to sell Decorations or destroy any items because you do not have 2-step authentication.

Then, you try to get two-step authorization and it will not send you the code.

Then, you get stuck with all kinds of garbage.

It’s the stuff from the free packs that are filling up my storage though. Many of the items are untradeable and don’t take up storage space, but some do. Hard to find what new items took up those spots, especially if you already have a lot of random stuff.

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anything that can be monetized will be monetized, its the murfis law