Running out of space

Please can I have a bigger inventory I’m capped at 1000 and I’m getting very close to cap. I’m at 948/1000 and few more season passes or packs will hold my inventory up. I don’t want to sell none of my decor or sell anything from my collection just to have space.


I’m also progressing pretty fast with collecting stuff… and i guess not even one more year and I’m hitting the limit.

Bringing out new stuff should also increase the storage limits!


Totally agree

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I’m surprised you’ve maxed out your inventory space at 1000. I still haven’t maxed out my 350 inventory space. I guess you guys aren’t fusing much of your gear and keeping a lot of extra crap you don’t need.


I agree with @67834135 , to cap inventory you must keep a tons of stuff you never really use… just sell all your junk and use the money to buy useful stuff like more legendary even relic gear, and fuse them, and keep your remaining coins to play the market and buy the next relic weapons coming. 1000 inventory space is more than enough for normal players that don’t keep clutters in their drawers.

I was collecting everything at first but then i got impatient at getting better weps and getting fused so i sold everything i didnt use in weps/cabs/gadgets/wheels…
Only thing i collect all of is paint and decor.

I can see why some would collect all though.

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One can simply fill the guide as a additional goal, for that you just need to possess an item once. I used to do that while playing the market. Now I sold almost all my paints and decors, since the game gives plenty of them in free packs or event rewards. The current event (Droneapocalypse) easily allow everyone to get 24% reputations with 4 decors. Just replace one by the legendary peep (camera quest from adventure mode) and done, not much need to go further!

1000 is not enough
I have tons of fused stuff so I can’t sell it to make space
Reaching the limit very fast now I really need more space,
Make fused stuff don’t take up storage space :+1::grin:


Just sell/recycle all the crappy decor you don’t use.

They have the “guide” for a reason, no need to keep things you don’t use. The guide is basically everything you have ever collected, if you don’t use it their is no need to keep it.

If you are already capped out at 1000 then it’s a you problem.

oddly enough I keep running into this problem also, only at about 500 inventory space tho…but I bought packs when their on sale usually and the blurp is misleading…says gives additional amount of inventory space… this is a mistranslation I believe…should state " takes up X amount of inventory space"… no idea why this hasn’t been noticed before

You sure you aint talking about the vehicle part limit instead? I don’t recall packs giving more inventory space.

look at the last line in the pack description… always states INCREASES parts limit by X amount

Ja, but thats for how many parts you can use to build your vehicle, not inventory space.
That’s for new players that don’t have 80 parts limit yet so they can assemble the pack. I know because that’s how I went higher closer to 80 back when I was leveling that up.

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ok so I misread it…my bad… this is what I get for doing a quick read…lol

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Time to rework on storage space limit for players again!!