Ruptures, something's weird

I need someone to double check a thing for me.

Apparently devs changed the ruptures perk from while shooting to when in cooldown.

But just now i saw a crossout video that featured ruptures and i noticed a small detail.
The perk went active when the guy was shooting.

So, i went to my garage and checked that out.
here, i’m not shooting and the perk isn’t active

in here, i’m shooting and the perk is active.

what’s going on?
am i seeing this thing wrong?
Is it a typo in the weapon description?

Can anyone confirm this?


Not anywhere I can test right now, but that does seem odd.

Seems like Ur just missing on the first screen.

Tenshi… Are you trolling, or posting with 3g of ethanol/liter of blood? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Easiest fix is to change the weapon’s description. The perk has always been that the damage resistance activates when the weapon is firing.