Rush builds are killing the game

It doesn’t matter how many buffs or nerfs are done, small fast builds are too durable with too much DPS and speed. Fused movement parts from battlepasses are one reason. Cerebral long range builds can’t compete when everybody is running builds that go 90 with insane DPS weapons that can’t be reliably one or two shot by anything. Can’t play a tank cause those get destroyed instantly and the battle needs to last longer for them to make a difference, can’t really play ranged because of how much mobility everything has and so distance hardly means anything.
Its even worse when everybody in an evening is running rush builds. Before my guns overheat my team is all dead to rush builds using arbiters, destructors, yongwangs, shotguns, literally everything thats good for bumperhug meta.

It becomes a bigger cluster with the awful completely counterpoductive physics changes around wedges related to tonnage and mass limit. If my bumper goes a pixel under somebody I can’t move at all. If I get stuck on top of somebody my wheel traction is broken and my tonnage is bugged and so I’m stuck. The gameplay in XO now compared to even just a year ago is trashed.


I blame a lot of the wheel change too where they stopped drifting, because now 12 tonne wheel builds can turn at 120 and lose no acceleration, which is what balanced their movement and made hovers the go-to for acceleration but now means no where near what it used to. Weight on wheels should make you accelerate way slower in turns than it does now, you have a weight limit but only lose acceleration when you go over it by 1kg? Seems dumb.

Heavy wheel builds need to have acceleration issues when turning again depending on their weight

Its not so much the speed or accel, its the insane durability these fast builds have just on their movement parts alone. Its just physically impossible to dewheel a player now with all the hermits and small tracks. The grip is also a problem, these builds are outmaneuvering tracks and meatgrinders in CQC while going 30-50km/h faster.

There needs to be deformation damage that goes straight to frames and connected parts. If a guy has an avalanche attached to an elbow or a stick frame, it should be cleanly removed from a single dual tsunami regardless of whether or not the guy is reloading. If a guy is using small tracks attached to 1x8 lunatic frames; they should be removed as if they were 200hp wheels. This would bring only some balance back to the game without buffing or nerfing anything’s dura or damage, which DOESNT WORK.

Collision damage needs to be very mutually destructive. If a guy rams my build at top speed when he’s got hollow stick frames not wider than 1 pin; he should lose all the frames in front of his cab just as I would lose some frames. No points should be awarded if your build gets crippled. Heavy builds with heavy frames won’t care much, but these light builds will cut the bumperhug meta crap.

Yeah ramming damage has always felt skewed

Why does a build that has 2600 cab HP at 9k get to have 500+ HP on each of its 8 hermits when it will never drop below 84 km/h while constantly steering? Why do small track builds get to zip around at 90 km/h with their crazy steering and reverse speed with 375 HP against guns and 600 against rams? Why do these builds all now steer tighter and better than the slower augers and tracks?
This is the problem that resulted from the idea of “buff everything that isnt a hover or a dog. Make builds faster!”
I want the 2017 crossout back with hovers nerfed into a niche part and fast wedges/bumperhuggers discouraged with brutal ram damage mechanics.


Yeah before hovers lol

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I like the idea of hovers but their problem is being meta for every ranged weapon. They should have been niche and hard to keep stable.

I actually thought they were more difficult to use when they were flying higher but the melee and porc players complained too much.

Probably because of gun depression and losing more altitude on one side of the craft when hovers are shot off. Pure speculation I never played hovers until I got into CW in 2020. But if I did have more altitude on my Pulsar/Typhoon hover I never would have been able to aim high enough after losing front hovers.

It took longer to settle when you went over uneven terrain. Recoil when it would rock the vehicle was similarly worse. A lot of the weapons were harder to use because of this it would just really tossed the aim off often. They were faster too which was way more fun. Synthesis which has gotten a fair amount of changes still didn’t have it’s fire mechanics changed yet so it was constant tap, tap, tap. I got them right before everyone started complaining about them and drone being op.

Yeah the constant rush gameplay is getting really old super fast. These days if you want to play any levels of ranged combat, you have to have a hover so you can keep any kind of distance from enemies, any wheeled or track build just stops functioning the moment an enemy touches you.

And why are people rushing with weapons that aren’t meant to be rushed with? When was the last time an Echo Hulk build tried to shoot you from a little bit of distance rather than just ramming right into your side and pinning you into a wall or a map object? Ranged weapons just aren’t good enough to be used at a range in this game, heck I even use my dual Astraeus build to drive fastly around an enemy and shoot, using the weapon like some kind of single shot shotgun and do way better than trying to snipe with it.

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I want drifting back together with higher cabin base speed. It’s enough that plebbit is full of r*****s who downvote everyone who wants something to go faster again and their only “argument” ever is a “hurr durr, you just hold W”. If anything, they should have nerfed the mass limit of cabins like Howl, Torrero or Favorite instead of the max speed. I don’t care if it takes making Chameleons 2 energy again or whatever.

You only have hovers to blame why the long range aren’t deemed effective enough. As they were nerfed to (or released in) a state where they are only highly effective on hovers. Hovers simply give long range weapons lots of benefits with little drawbacks and it got a lot of weapons nerfed. You can track most issues to hovers. There’s a melee meta in CW not only because melees eat other wheeled builds for breakfast, but also because putting most weapons on a ground-based build is less effective than putting them on hovers and handicaping yourself when there’s uranium at stake isn’t something most players will do. Not every clan is a bunch of stupids like CZBT who just run MastoDON’Ts on wheels just to flip off the meta.

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Well, when was the last time you fired a pair of Hulks at a distance and din’t get screwed over by RNG? I have a pair fused for lower spread and use it with the -spread on the move co-driver and it’s still a bit too much RNG for my taste.

There’s also a problem with wheeled builds having atrocious acceleration and speed in reverse, so once a close range build drives up beside you (or into you), you can’t get your guns on target fast enough. (And that “anti-wedge” mechanic that seems to run on RNG too and hurts the victims just as often as it does the perpetrators)
Combine that with the fact that too many players use builds that can’t use all of their weapons outside of a ~90 degree angle in front of them and the job of anything close range becomes so much easier. If you have weapons that have a 360 degree rotation and you can’t broadside an enemy vehicle, getting killed by a light build that isn’t a facehugger/wedge might be a you problem.

No, heavy builds, have more than enough issues when compared with other type of builds, they already do everything slower than the rest.

I remember when the devs announced that they incremented the drifting capabilities of all wheels (back in the old forum) people welcomed the change, but that was a nerf in disguise, all wheel based platforms became less stables and with less grip.
If you want to drift, you have wheels for that, personally i prefer my build to be a stable platform for my weapons.

High PS (14k+) is a great mix of cars and play styles.

Advise: get out of the kiddy pool and move to the big boy table.

Hovers should be affected by recoil much more. Putting a bunch of machine guns on a build with just 4 hovers should make it uncontrollable even when burst firing. Firing a cannon from such build should send it flying and somersaulting backwards. More hovers should be needed to absorb recoil, and small hovers should be forced to stick to (the not very good) energy weapons and others that have little to no recoil.


That’s another problem with sideways hovers absorbing recoil much better than the regular ones.

tracks can turn on each other making 360º in the spot, and too much of a grip it’s not good either, opens the door to how easily one can tip over and ridiculous pirouettes.
You are complaining about how though that fast builds are…they are not, if you take out their speed, they are extremely fragile, i personally think all light cabins are trash .
Pin one down and you will see.
About deformation damage…i can go with that but wait a minute…
If i got a plow (and i’ve got all of them mounted in my build) and the other guy have some crazy part because weight/ durability ratio mambo jambo, i shouldn’t get deformation damage, right?
If i have a 216 durability piece with 492 kg with resistance and the other guy plain piece with 45 durability with 95 kg like often they have (or something like that in the rear ) i shouldn’t get any damage whatsoever.

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Fast builds and facehugging works because there are almost no hitscan weapons and dps/hp ratio is quite high for most builds.
There are few weapons that dont work well for facehugging, my favorite Emilies for example. But otherwise - yes, I could keep distance, but if a fast shotgun dog breaks distance because I cant turn or drive backwards fast enough I am losing my wepons and die. If a melee is coming my way - I die, becaue unless is one of the few full yopen maps he will come around corner 20m in front of me and no way I can turn fast enough.
So my best bet is to pin the m-fer to the wall and kill him before he kills me. The only counter to dogs and melees is “push into the wall”.
If team was sticking together, w-heroes would die and fighting would be more of a nice position war, but people seem to hate it either (couple of threads down I think).
So no matter what happens - fast facehugging or slow front building - people will whine and cry and be unhappy and still play XO.

Get some ML200 with some undermounted machine guns. That isn’t an expensive build and will guaranteed kill all melee. I had some trouble with the game for my first 8000 matches or so until a lightbulb went off:

Here it is. You have to play different builds if you want different results. If you want to play your range, you should hammer melee with machine guns or mines until they quit, then you can play range. For 8-9k, I highly recommend King and Kapkan mines, as they aren’t well defended against. For Kings, a fast layer build, and a bully Skinner dragger build are both good.

For machine guns in the 8-9k level, I recommend Spectres, Equalizers, Fidgets, Whirls, Millers.

Also, you should have your own rush build. Rush is a part of the game, and a Mad Max game should have very fast builds that pack a punch.