Sabbath wheels and booster top speed

Did a little test in the garage today, and noticed that sabbath wheels seem to let you boost your speed to a higher maximum before self destructing.
Bumps and turning can still blow you up, but they seem to be able to hit a higher top speed if you’re going in a straight line on smooth terrain:

Interesting find :slight_smile:

Thank you sir

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Lethal speed is 250 (maybe 240) kmh. You can go above that as long as you don’t hit the ground, regardless of your wheels. I brought Studded Wheels above 1k kmh before, and you can do it with pretty much everything, legs, tracks, etc, given enough boosters and ground clearance/a flat enough runway.

All my booster knowledge has sadly been made totally irrelevant when Targem destroyed races lol.

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Interesting, I wonder if my booster builds exploded at lower speeds previously because of not enough ground clearance? I was never able to clear 300kmh before Sabbath wheels, unless I was airborne.
Guess I will have to do more testing?

Wanna go fast af, don’t build below frame level (except with Bigfoots, one block is allowed)

Sabbaths have the advantage of being at the very front of your build, which limits the chances of your bumper scrapping the ground, especially since boosters are almost always placed above CoM, tiping you slighty forward on bumps.

Taking that screenshot was hell, but that car used to compete in the old race mode against everybody except the tryhardest hovers and 14 Hermes skeleton tusks on BFs (had 6 boosters back then)

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