i think penalties need to be put in place for people who purposefully sabotage your games.
in this match i was in i had some guy who was repeatedly self destructing and costing us time and being down a team mate. anytime he would revive he would just self destruct again. i think penalties need to be put in place for people who do this. like them losing points or getting harshly penalized for multiple self destructs in a row. im tired of seeing little cry babies who cant stay and help their team mates and have to throw a tantrum when things dont go their way.
the guy wanted us to go to a point on the map, when the others wouldnt he just kept self destructing. the devs need to come up with a solution to this because i dont want to play matches with whiny man childs who throw a fit when they dont get their way…

What mode was that in?

its in the event. i usually come across people like this who do stuff like that. costing us the match and just being a total ass. this usually happens in events like this. rise of the machines had this as well to a lesser extent but in this event its happened quite a few times already.

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It’s hard to get a good team in those randomly. I played a few rounds but the play experience varied wildly based on the skill of the teamwork. I really like the idea of endless waves regardless but it does make it harder to give a consistent play experience…

Perhaps they could put a cooldown effect on the next suicide? I’m don’t think that would fix it completely but it might slow them down a little in the respawn sabotage route. You could try reporting them in match too but I’m not sure what the extent of game-op powers they have developed though. If I was building out a multi-player game like this I’d want to be able to spectate on a game match that is reported and see the back history of the chat from both sides as well as some side stats on what happened in the match prior to the report.

I’d suggest trying to get some friends in game to play which would up the team work portion by a lot really fast.

They ban you for leaving the game.
SD is people solution.
Most just want to finish the first wave and get out.

I would posit that maybe the game mode is lacking in the fun department for most people.
I liked the last event, don’t care for this one. Rewards are good though if you make it far enough.

I was kind of hoping they would do a solo wave event. I suggested this before for it: Endless Valley, Mode suggestion (solo raid): procedurally generated map - #16 by Dirty_Hamster didn’t get much traction but at least you didn’t have to deal with bad teams.

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They could do a leader board!

Yeah perfect for that as it’s pretty much a build off and run through mode. Pick your start PS scaling and go from there having to adapt up.

I wonder if they aren’t just farming samsara badges. For some reason in this game, a badge requires you to die 10 times in pve and these brawls are the only one where you respawn without having to use kits.

They could be I got a number of them in the last run by chance while playing through.

Christmas ed I did mean…

Yup I got a few of those during the bugged chrismas event. I suicided before the end of each wave because half the next wave would die imediately, reseting the counter to 3 minutes. That was a good way to get them because there is no way I would have gotten them mormally… These badges are stupid. At least during the christmas event, farming them was not anti-play because of the bug. Now if a player want to get them, they will indeed have to die a lot and very fast and there would be no way to do it without anti-play. I hope they will remove it (and I say that knowing I have gotten all the banners you can get with those)

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No ome cand do andy thing that way…

Yeah that seemed like a fair strategy trying to time it between the waves. I tried that too.

I really try not to even try to farm stuff I know people like efficiency but I mostly play for fun.

I don’t know what to really tell you people (players) are going to try to take as many shortcuts as they can because time is irreplaceable currently.

He is farming the Samsara badges. I know, I did it too in the previous event.

Blame devs for implementing those stupid badges. I spent 5 years telling myself “hey maybe I’ll farm that crap one day”. When Targem finally gave me the chance to do so for free, I took it.

In the wave of enemies event?

I think i know what he’s doing.
If you reach wave whatever that lasts for 15 minutes ±

He’s trying to make the rewards worth more by trying to shorten the game and leave with a better reward for the time .

Operation Radiance took around 8 or 9 minutes to finish and get the there about the same reward.
This will take 15 minutes or more if you get a die hard team.

In 15 minutes you can get more in PVP.

I don’t even know what you are talking about, can you believe it.

And i don’t even bother with that