Can someone tell me what ‘salvage or discard 5 parts’ means.


salvage, right click an item and select salvage to receive a small allocation of resources. Discard, also right click, choose discard. Doing both will permanently remove the item from your account.


Find a part in your storage that you don’t want to keep or sell, pull up the drop down menu (it’s triangle on PS4, probably right-click on PC), select discard or salvage.

I’ve used it for temporary items I got in old crates to clear the challenge, but you could also craft some cheap common items to salvage.

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On xbox

Got it

Xbox…in storage press Y (more)

Then you choose from there

Thanks for replies

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I buy 5 of the cheapest things on the market and salvage that.

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I’ve got loads of cheap stuff but never knew about this before.
I’ve only been playing 4yrs :laughing: :rofl: :joy:


Don’t make the mistake that I did of salvaging BP items that I didn’t want.
Eventually I regretted it, when those items got buffed or became useful for some other reason.


On xbox with (y) button on each item you want to keep and lock it. It will save you headache later on… But yes just craft you a few cheep Chords and dismantle them. You been playing 4 years so its very easy. I been playing on Xbox 6 years.

But locking items that you do not want to get rid of will stop it from being mistaken and sold or discarded or used for upgrading. You will have to unlock any items you decide to get rid of or what ever in future though.


this ù"salvage" badge means that a player must put in trash from 1 coin to 5 coin for recive 100 bedge that value less then 1 coin :slight_smile:

That’s right. Badges aren’t that valuable. The only way to get this badge and have it pay is to buy teal, purple or gold decor that you intend on salvaging and salvage it. Then you get the badges for free.