Save NailGuns ( Summator and Argument ) make it better devs

let’s face it nailgun(summator, argument ) has a nice concept but a bad implementation.

Remember the synthesis? when it was added to the game it had the same characteristics as the nail gun:
1 - slow project
2 - you have to track the shot
3 - complicated mechanics to use ( hold to shoot )

combine that with high ping and you have a weapon no one likes to use.

Why not do the same as synthesis but better add 2 shooting modes.

1 - full auto just press and hold

2 - burst like a junkbow of life

and to switch you do the same as they did in the omnibox cabin

We need more buttons for input if any more stuff gets switchable. I am running out of buttons - why we cant get unlimited control groups as a riddle to me.
As for Nailguns - they are very nice in single shot mode if you have a Mouse with a macro function and tune it to emulate full auto on separate key - they feel a lot like Therms.

Arguments are actually really good though if I was going to play something that was like a shotgun but not that’s the weapon.

if this gun is really good why people dont use on pvp ?

It doesn’t mesh with a lot of common stuff that people think are important. You can do a light Jannabi and phobos with it and stack dmg buffs really fast though. If you use a hardon with it you can split your reload bonus between each gun. It’s not an automatic and has charge options so it ends up being less used. The dmg, accuracy, and fire rate is good though.

Arguments currently are doing pretty good, at least compared to how they were when they launched, they basically were worse than summators.

Still though, I have more success with them in raids rather than regular pvp, and they really need Jade for the bullet speed perk to be any amounts of usable. Trying to do single shots ends up with usually messing up the tempo of shooting through either your own input or just a random little lag spike, making you eventually break your chain of shots, and using half charge works better on the Summators rather than on the Arguments.

But the worst thing is that these weapons, like many other, suffer from the same problem of performing way more better on a sideways hover build compared to any other kind of a build, slapping Arguments on a hover seems to cure them out of all of their general sluggishness problems when in use, which really sucks when said problems keep you from enjoying them properly on any wheeled build

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