Scope ideas

First of all, I want to thank the devs for the scope changes. Built-in scope is a great addition, as is removing energy cost, and that new Iris module is turning out to be a lot more useful than I would have thought.

I’ve been playing a mandrake/Heather build a lot lately, and it inspired a couple scope ideas that I would love to see in game.

First is a drone that you can launch like a Vulture or Yaoguai, which you can use to target enemies behind cover using artillery aiming weapons. Basically a hovering scope you can launch. Should use ammo, and be relatively easy to shoot down.

Second, it occurred to me that the current artillery aiming system could be useful for any weapon with projectile drop. What about an epic version of Iris that shows where your projectiles are actually going to land? Would be great for grenade launchers, but also for Yongwang, snowfall, avalanche, phoenix, and many others. Basically it would show the projectile curve and impact zone the same way incinerators and mandrakes do, but for any projectile weapon.

I see both concepts as ways to buff range weapons while also nerfing peekaboo camping range players.


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that 1st drone scope idea is tight!

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