Score vs Grind

Here I am replying to a guy who is insulting me in chat and stat shaming me and he blacklisted me.
So, I have no idea how much got through before he blacklisted me
I found the combat logs, so I found my chat logs too, sorry for any curses.

23:03:06.028| < SYSTEM> You have joined the channel: Battle
23:04:47.138| <team_509672846_1>[ Madwire #2386724] oh s*** lord tutor camping with bots who would have known
23:04:58.906| <team_509672846_1>[LordTutor #1585046] we killed ours
23:05:03.875| <team_509672846_1>[LordTutor #1585046] you were invited
23:05:19.743| <team_509672846_1>[ Madwire #2386724] yeah to noob camp far side, dip s***
23:06:02.513| <team_509672846_1>[ Madwire #2386724] lol droner s***
23:07:09.786| <team_509672846_1>[ Madwire #2386724] looks like a 2.5 kinda player
23:07:45.861| <team_509672846_1>[LordTutor #1585046] ypu cu;d jpi n me and live
23:07:50.328| <team_509672846_1>[LordTutor #1585046] join me
23:07:56.528| <team_509672846_1>[LordTutor #1585046] but yu never do
23:08:06.600| Leave channel <team_509672846_1>
23:08:06.601| < SYSTEM> You have left the channel: Battle
23:08:36.792| < PRIVATE From>[ Madwire #2386724] lol way worse than i thought u stupid b**** lol holy moly why are u so bad look at those stats
23:08:52.393| < PRIVATE From>[ Madwire #2386724] trash
23:09:03.527| < PRIVATE To >[ Madwire #2386724] i had capture ponints and kills what are you talking about
23:09:14.261| < PRIVATE To >[ Madwire #2386724] what stat?
23:09:28.335| Join channel <team_509673164_2>
23:09:28.335| < SYSTEM> You have joined the channel: Battle
23:09:32.906| < PRIVATE To >[ Madwire #2386724] KBP?
23:09:53.561| < PRIVATE From>[ Madwire #2386724] look at your personal stats are u really that retareded u thought i meant one match? when you hid the whole time as a b**** ass droner?
23:10:21.970| < PRIVATE To >[ Madwire #2386724] you understand nothing padawan
23:10:27.636| < PRIVATE From>[ Madwire #2386724] oh s*** ur russian arent u… oh dear please pprotect this r*****
23:10:42.438| < PRIVATE To >[ Madwire #2386724] in the old days only kills counted sdddaf
23:11:09.073| < PRIVATE To >[ Madwire #2386724] god damn enemy cant leave me alone a second
23:11:22.974| < PRIVATE From>[ Madwire #2386724] u know nothing virgin… in the old days lol you think i never took a break lol maybe u should from the drugs ur on cause god damn
23:11:44.643| < PRIVATE To >[ Madwire #2386724] in the old days only kills counted toward KBP, and players would wait to steal your kill to pad theur stats
23:12:19.479| < PRIVATE To >[ Madwire #2386724] you got points for assists but they did not count toward KBP.
23:12:48.914| < PRIVATE To >[ Madwire #2386724] I had 80,000 Missions before th change. Then a KBP of ONE was good.
23:13:10.616| < PRIVATE To >[ Madwire #2386724] One kill per battle was good because of all the kill stealing
23:13:38.052| < PRIVATE To >[ Madwire #2386724] I am just making up for lost ground to newbies who started after the change
23:14:17.221| < PRIVATE To >[ Madwire #2386724] Log into the forum and look at some of my screenshots
23:14:38.989| < PRIVATE To >[ Madwire #2386724] even is loss 4 kill assists
23:14:53.016| Leave channel <team_509673164_2>
23:14:53.017| < SYSTEM> You have left the channel: Battle
See how I get shamed for a low KBP when I was here before the change and have to overcome 80,000 Missions compared to a newer player, well read the chat, sorry again.

He has a point though. Also shouldn’t bring this to forum or this topic. have some respect and understanding. This topic has a theme.

He was dead and failed to stop enemy base capture in a Domination Mission. A bot and I killed the Bot guarding the nearest base A and captured it. In less than a minute, we were outnumbered.
The bot and I left A to fight at B and I killed the weak and I went to C and took that base away from them.
Then attacked B again and reset the timer to zero and raced to defend base A that I captured and killed more weak enemy. I died and we lost defending A. I had no choice but to defend A, being outnumbered, base capture was the only viable victory condition. I killed 4 and assisted on 1 and was last to die. This Deadman is insulting the guy who just got everyone extra points by killing the weak.
He had no point because he was dead!

But, back on topic. Earlier in the topic I was explaining my desire to raise my KBP as a way to stop boredom.

Thus, when I got Stat Shamed for a low KBP, I thought it was related to the Topic. But I can see your point.