Score vs Grind

Do you play to get the best score?
Or do you play as a daily grind to get your rewards?

Depends on my mood.

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I don’t give much attention for score. But playing just for the sake of playing… is kind of dull when you know something better. The best thrill of the game is when you are last one left standing(or one of last few) and outcome of battle depends on you. I try to play the way to survive, take out or damage especially dangerous targets, or crippling them. That is… if my mood isn’t restless. In that case I might just make a flanking maneuver, make some noise and see where it goes.

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Neither. If I played for either of those reasons I think the game would get boring and stale.

To win, if I need to de-wheel or de-gun to win instead of killing outright then sure

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The score in a game is irrelevant really, especially at high PS. You can strip 3 builds of weapons and get 300 points but you have effectively taken hem out of the game and the one that goes kill stealing gets 2000…points dont matter.

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I play to kill enemy or assist killing enemy, then Victory is next important, then scoring above 40 is next important.

The minimum result of a Mission that is good or acceptable, less than fine, but higher than ok, just good, is 3 kills or kill assists, victory and 40 points. This will be acceptable anytime to me.

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Don’t spam other threads with your crying now. You’ve been freaking out in your thread all week arguing with people. One would think you’d have it out of your system by now after saying the same crap over and over a hundred or so times.

Get a freekin grip dude…

I answered the question in a very tight, short post. You are the spam!


Tutor is right tbh


Leave him be. The guy got something in his head going really backwards, I doubt there is any talking sense into him… Talking about minimal required score of 40… Most times he just rides with his enormously wide craft and spams ground turrets… and been doing that for years. I tried talking some sense to him, somehow he decided to try piercers… but the way he did it… gosh… what’s going through that brain. A definition of stubborn at least.

I prefer to play to have fun, but this option seems foreign concept.

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I can explain my backwards head if nobody minds. My KBP is now 2.85 it was 20-30,000 Missions ago less than 2.40.

I know nobody cares about KBP, but my imaginary goal is to increase this statistic.

My goal originally was to play Clan Wars with my Clan back when you could play using Legendary Weapons like the Harvester against Clans with Relics. The Epic Cricket was dominating Clan Wars too before it was nerfed into the ground.
Well, greed ran off my Clan, my Legendary Weapons kept getting nerfed right after I crafted them, and I decided I never would need a Relic Weapon or any Legendary Weapon ever again just for them to be ruined by nerfs.

I like wide vehicles that do not flip over easily and cannot be wedged easily. I like having 2500+ HP. I like being able to bury my Turrets under the cabin, surrounded in under armor.

I also have weekly goals, to win 10 Raids for Electronics, 10 Raids for Plastic, 6 Easy Raids, and 4500 Scrap, 2800 Wires and 1400 Batteries. This now takes many more hours of game play then previously.

Sorry so long and off topic, Peace

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Placing container wall flat on top, and putting piercer on top of it to loose it as soon as that huge part gets shot off? And bullbar right behind it to block your shooting angles rearwards entirely.
And you got same absurd approach to bunch of other things as well. Wide craft are easier to wedge btw.

I lost that vehicle design when I was on the Forum while my Raid blueprint was loaded, and I got kicked for being idle and that design was not saved. But I do believe that those 2 Piercers were mounted onto something else along with the Container Wall, but either way, the Container Wall outlasted the Piercers every time.
Also, the Bull Bar would get shot off opening my rear angles soon enough.
I did well with Piercers, too well for my taste, but you do better with Piercers than I ever could.
Anyway, lost that design, tried to recreate it, but it was worse and lost the re-creation too.

Also, I was challenged to go back to Pythons and prove my theory, so I did.

I play to have fun!
All else just happens as it happens.

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Go play patrols. Use chords and a falcon drone on the beginning blueprint. Mount the falcon behind the cab and put a bit of armor around it.
Press trigger and pad KBP.

Prove to anyone you didn’t and it’s a real KBP.

You would think after all that time he would get good at it.

I wouldn’t say being good even his goal. He is lost in the woods.
He wants to be effective… but also have fun. Make things right way… but also make things his own way. In normal person this things would come together into something, but he just tumbles doing whatever and tries to make logical excuses for illogical choices. At the end - he feels something is wrong and off - hence all the discussions. But he won’t except the fault within him, because he built a fortress of excuses. Fortress outside so that nothing sound gets to him, and maze on the inside - so that he can’t come out of it. And talking to him he sounds logical most times - but that kind of works like an invite to walk with him in his maze.
A “beautiful mind” :slightly_smiling_face:

I guess I play for both? But mostly for fun.
I like accumulating rewards, but not enough to be mad if I’m at the bottom of the pack in a raid. As far as scores go, I am happiest when my build consistently ends up in the top three of my team, regardless if we win or lose. MVPs feel good, Unyielding badges feel better.

But to tell the truth, getting killed in a spectacular fashion also gives me a laugh and a little thrill, so I don’t even mind when I get lanced before getting off a single shot.