Scorpion Fusion

I am hesitant about merging a weapon and do not understand the features of combining with a weapon. Is it good or bad as a player or a lev player? “projectile damage loss rate -10%”

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It’s just stating that the rate for the gradual loss of damage is reduced for the projectile as it travels through parts. So you’ll basically do damage for longer as it travels through a build.

Sounds like a fine upgrade perk to have considering how the projectiles work but I couldn’t tell you if it was the best out of all the options.

typically fusing relics is not recommended unless you have a steady income of uranium and other ways of coins. they are VERY expensive weapons and take a long time to get.

i believe this has to do with the damage loss as the projectile passes through parts. since the scorpion does piercing damage its bullet travels through the build unless it hits a cabin which it then stops.

basically this yeah.

only do it if you are rich in real life

Is it worth fusion or not?

Is it worth fusion or not? Or there are better options

I probably wouldn’t do it based on the cost.

As far as the options go reload probably would be a more desirable then projectile speed at least for scorpions.

what do you mean by worth?
is your build fused? like fused hovers, engine, cabin, modules? do you have the money to fuse a scorpion already in the game or do you have to purchase it with real life money?
if you have to put real money into the game to fuse, then not worth

I have all the things I need to fuse

Merging a weapon like the Scorpion Fusion can have both pros and cons, depending on your playstyle and preferences. The feature “projectile damage loss rate -10%” suggests that the weapon’s projectiles will lose less damage as they penetrate parts, which could be beneficial in maintaining consistent damage output over longer distances or through armor. As a player, this could improve your effectiveness in battles, especially if you rely on precision and accuracy.

However, merging also comes with trade-offs. While reducing damage loss rate can be advantageous, it might come at the cost of other attributes or features. It’s essential to consider how this change fits into your overall strategy and whether it aligns with your preferred playstyle. Additionally, as a lower-level player, it’s crucial to weigh the benefits of merging against the resources required and whether it’s the best investment for your progression in the game. Ultimately, it’s worth experimenting with different configurations and observing how they impact your performance in battles.

My personal answer would be “Fusion is never worth it” unless you own everything in the game 10 times over.

If you play CWs, fuse relics. If you dont, dont and buy more weapons and cabs to give yourself more options. There is a buff coming to scorps that gives you the +10% the fusion would give you, so doubling up on it or taking reload speed would be optimal. And + bullet speed in the 3rd category is usually the universally desired result.

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