Scouts container

I should of went with my first gut instinct and sold it but the gambler deep down inside ended up getting the better of me, any one have better luck than I.

ouch. yeah im going to keep mine for a while then sell it. in due time itll be worth alot of coins so why not?
on the up side you can use that cab to make other parts… i think? i mean… im not going to risk my luck on the crate, knowing my luck ill get a common even though the minimum you can get is special :rofl:

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You don’t really know the odds your getting so i shoulda kept it or sold it. I knew the proper thing to do was to sell it as combinatorics is my greatest expertise in math but still like i said the gambler got the best of me, why i had to quit playing online poker because I blows all my poker winnings into online slots even tho i know the odds are against me but I does it anyways lol.

Bat isn’t a bad cabin since they buffed the specials and gave them perks.

It can be a good alternative to harpy, if you are trying to get a build below 9kPS for CC, or just to get a build into a lower PS bracket.

I still avoid using specials even in cc or low ps games. I think special cabs are not very ps efficient compared to epic or rare tiers but after the new upcoming changes they prob will tho. I should of at least kept the bat until after the update to see if the prices went up a little seeming that they are getting a buff to their energy.

It’s decent…
Don’t use plasma weapons though, so I’ll sell it (for a hefty 1k coins, too)


Oh that event ended already, of course I missed the rewards and a new 10€ “battlepass” took its place… Because you have to slave off every day in front of your computer in fear of missing some crap. Yeah fuck this game and its constant stream of crappy events, back to the old RTS I’m playing these days.

Nobody will be surprised when the player count goes subterranean.

Me who just grinds it out all at the end:

I ground out this whole pass in 3 hours of helicopter patrols at the end. I did 2.5 hours exactly to catch up with 5 days to go, and then kept up on them every day for about 10 minutes. These mini passes are the easiest money in Crossout.

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It was a nice cab when i left it, when i came back to crossout ( a hiato) it was a special, then i bought hot rod cab to replace it, ± 300 coins, a small fortune.

Long story short ouch may be too much for what was a very nice cab…just saying

Yeah and you have to be there the specific day out of 365 in the year to grind the crappy monthly battlepass, like a slave.
I’m free, going back to playing Earth 2150 :triumph:

This video explains all about the scout container and its value. 100 boxes opened. 41 purple, 1 gold.

These containers were selling on Xbox for 1300-1450 each. An average legendary on Xbox costs 5000, an average purple 850 and an average teal 250.

So, Assuming 40 percent purple odds, 59 percent teal odds, and 1 percent gold odds each container should be worth $537.50.

Not saying that the containers are a bad deal, but they are extremely over valued on Xbox and I will be selling mine until further notice.

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Do people actually buy crates on the market?
I always assumed the high prices were because no one is buying and few are even bothering to sell.

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Thank you for sharing that video. If you were to believe the parameters you would think that specials were the hardest one to get and that’s why i opened the container and If i knew it were a 1% chance to get a legendary I never would of opened it. There are 168 total combinations to choose from with 55 legendaries, 76 epics and 37 specials. If they were straight up honest then your odds of getting a legendary would be 32.7% but playhard proved it is 1% for legendaries and 100 containers is enough of a sample size to get a decent picture of what is going on here and that portrait we got is that targem are crooks.

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There were multiple buy orders last I checked. I quick sold mine for a little over 1300 coins. Perhaps Playstation players are wiser with their coins and deals like this are not to be had.

I could of sold it for 800 to 900 on pc and seeming there is an unknown variable in the equation which is the actual odds of getting a specific tier of item which makes it a no brainer to sell. You would think that legendaries/epics had better odds than specials but despite there being far fewer specials to choose from specials still got the greatest odds of being chosen which is utter nonsense. This needs some more light shown on the matter and this is downright dishonest business etiquette.

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Now that I know that i definitely won’t be trusting the rng again and leave nothing to chance and just straight up sell whenever i gets a container unless I can pick and choose what item I wants.

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