Sea Mines & more

I was watching the Stream and noticed there are indeed more parts in the new faction than they announced. Specifically, there was something called a sea mine explosive part.

I will try to add a screenshot of it at some point. Did any of you spot anything else?

The sea mine looked to be garage decor from the icon next to it.

Its a garage decor item that can you can place down like the explosive barrels, explodes when shot or driven into.

its a shame its a decor item honestly. when they updated the game so cement blocks took up 2 points instead of 1 they really screwed me there as my garage is severely over capacity. i dont want to change the look of my garage so the most i can hope for is them giving more points for the garage so i can add more things into it. :confused:

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Hmmm… is there a way to re-watch the stream?

Yea just re-watch it lol… Watch the Polar Lights. First Look With Developers - YouTube

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Funny… watching it, even the devs don’t know how to pronounce the stupid names they give parts. LOL

Decor pieces… look like they’ll dangle under parts like the bludgeon & ammo belts - no doubt capitalizing off the raised tracks they’re introducing.
Heat Exchange


Check out the blast power of the new generator. LOL

The new co-driver (ingore the typos :wink: )

One last thing I found interesting… You’ll be able to grind to craft parts pretty easily by the way it looks.

yeah thats basically making you a nuke on wheels… wow…
i honestly cannot see people using that competitively. its extremely low durability and its blast power make it more of a hinderance then anything. i mean 162 durability? thats nothing compared to what damage some weapons can put out. 1 good hit from a scorpion or a lucky hit from a cannon and that generator is gone… along with the rest of your car… seriously i dont think its worth the risks.

im wondering what else theyll have for fusion. because if they have anything good ill definitely want to grind some lighters and grab a few fused weapons / whatever else is there.

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