Seal clubbing and help balancing battles

One thing I really do not like and I believe turns off a lot of players is seal clubbing - bringing a high PS weapons on basically a tiny build and one shotting people. This could also help balance the game.

Why cannot you have a minimum PS build per weapon type. My idea for minimum PS to bring weapons.
0-1500 White only
1501+ Rare
3000 Special
4500 Epic
7000 Legendary
10,000 Relic.

This could have the effect of helping balance matches a bit more.

It has been endlessly suggested by people over the years . This dead horse is very dead.

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Not sure if the population is big enough to split it up further. Although I might like that change.

But that aside, bringing a big gun on a naked build is only seal clubbing in theory. In truth, the guy doing that is the poor mongrel getting clubbed.
Paper builds die in a salvo or two. No matter how careful he is, he will be approached by someone packing shotguns, melee, or basically whatever weapon. And one or two bursts, he is scrapped. Even the poorest of players know how to aim forward and press a button.

I love getting opponents like that, but as my friend said who then played Crossout as a new player with only rare weapons, ‘Sealclubbers are my favorite snack!’

It’s not about bringing a big gun on a naked build into low PS… Those are dead meat…
It’s certain items that can overperform there. (like the past low PS goliath sandwiches and dragonfly hovers plague, but luckely, both are gone).

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I Think I have a more appropriate alternative to powerscore restrictions. It’s simple. Devs need to drop their habit of giving parts equal powerscore based on tier and energy usage. They need to give some guns indevidul moded power scores different from others. For example instead of nerfing parser in to the ground to stop it from clubbing so hard they should have just jacked up its powerscore some.


Don’t ruin creativity, just increase PS disparity by an increasing % for each rarity

Agreed, I don’t feel like many people want rarity limits on building by PS.

I know I dont

I think they could get away with doing 2 pools at most (common to epic) and (epic and up) that would fix most of the actual seal clubbing without limiting things too much via PS brackets.

Reminder the devs see 9k+ as the end game not 10k+

they think you should start seeing legendary around 5500k PS.

the split in the OP is not a good one either.

Don’t we know it, I swear everyone who posts a balance idea does that. but the easiest way would be to have a low PS item that counters high PS items.

Tons of epics already outperfom legendaries, even lots of epics are vastly superior to even relics!

Yep, which makes the thing completely moot, anyone who knows how to use epics right can win against even a relic… and that is by design.

That is why i think most relic and legendary weapons are better than their legendary versions, if we don’t account for the perk of the punisher, the spectre deals the same, if not more damage than the punisher, while being twice as better as the aspect, the only legendary and relics i think are worth it are the ones which are trully unique and have no counterparts whatsoever, such as fortune, porcupine, kaiju, and etc.

Even then some of the legendaries are good if you know how to use them but relics yeah those are well pointless outside of what 2 of them. The all are to costly to access and to expensive to use.

Legendaries you can at least build good builds around and use in the 7-10k area with out killing yourself in some way. And that is where the most balanced matches are.

Also, good to mention how 80% of epic cabins are extremelly better compared to legendarys, most even feel like a dowgrade, humpback and denmark are superior to all legendary heavy cabin just because of the perks alone

Yeah that Denmark cab is super op. Watch out England!