Seasonal Faction Idea "The Lost Wolves"

One dusty day, along an unnamed river, a Lost One met up with a Steppenwolf for a trade of wires and batteries. The Lost One’s Nomad escort had been killed but she was brave enough to still make the meetup. They shared the rivers water to wet their dusty throats but the welcome hydration would not last long. The wasteland sprung up around them in a great dust storm and, all dusty again, the two took shelter in the Cursed Mines. When they found themselves in the eye of the storm, they both glimpsed an object they could not believe peaking from the dunes. As the great dust storm finally passed, and when they emerged from the mine, the dune they had previously met on was gone. In its place sat a downed F-18 fighter jet. Records inside the pocket of the mummified pilot indicated that it belonged to a squadron of 12 jets which, amazingly, included 9 F-18 Hornets, 1 Harrier Jump Jet, and 2 F-14 Tomcats. The Nomad and the Steppenwolf entered into a secret pact, rallied a trusted few to their cause, and the Lost Wolves were born.
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Cool read. The Brawl sounds fun too. Thanks for coloring the forum with something creative. It was getting pretty salty.

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Thank you for taking a look at it.

I’m open to Revisions and additions with this project if you have anything you want to weigh in on.

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No, I think it’s interesting. The only thing I would say to an aspiring writer is it’s all about character development, I think. I will enjoy any story no matter how absurd or unusual, as long as the characters are interesting. I think Stephen King is the master of this part of story telling.

Ambiance is good too, and I think Anne Rice is the expert there. Her characters were interesting and relatable too, but Stephen King gave them odd quirks, and added small details that were more or less unimportant to the story, but gave them heaps of character. Like Anne Wilkes (Misery) always saying stuff like,“Dirty Birdie,” using these real soft derogatory terms like a church lady, but being a sadistic sociopath at the same time was both weird and way too familiar.

I’m not at all being critical. I think you’re doing well in those areas (ambiance and character). I’m just letting you know as a reader those are the elements that get me hooked on a story. Essentially; if I’m not into the characters, I care less what happens to them.

I think your characters are interesting, and I wish I still did illustration like I could when I was a punk, because I do get some good visuals from your script, and I see it in sort of a comic in my head and then I want to start sketching. I do like the genre, I suppose.

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please, start sketching! even if you end up sketching stuff that’s un-related to my story. It sounds like you had the vision and passion for it, that’s rare, don’t let it go to waste. I have to admit to only putting a half-assed attempt into the Lost Wolves story so far, that’s because I been working on a crossout novella with an un-related story, and that’s where all my creativity is currently being poured. Guess I’m spreading myself too thin with that…now I’m starting to wonder if I can mix the two stories together to flesh things out more, lolol!

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