Secret workshop stuff

Anyone know how to obtain the cartridges for the secret workshop gear? I really would like that purple pixel paint and the hologram.

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Look under the Promotions thread. These are usually tied to something like watching certain creators on twitch. or whatever you call them.

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Twitch Drops are Back!


Twitch Drops are back with some new rewards!

Tune in to Crossout streams from 16:00 UTC on October 12, 2023 to 16:00 UTC on October 19, 2023 to get special Cartridges! You can exchange them in the game (Engineers workbench “Secret workshop”) for special rewards:

  • Short pink lamp
  • Pink lamp
  • Long pink lamp
  • Purple pixel
  • LUL
  • POG
  • Not like this
  • Cheese
  • Where’s my popcorn?
  • Clownduck


What are the Twitch Drops?

These are game rewards for streaming viewers on Twitch.

You mean I can get something in Crossout?

Yep! The longer you watch our Crossout streams, the more Cartridges you’ll get.

Er, cartridges?

They’re a unique resource created specially for Twitch Drops that you can exchange for rewards in Crossout. Special blueprints will be available in the game until the end of October 22.

NOTE! If you don’t use all your cartridges before the end of October 22, they’ll remain in your warehouse so you can use them next time.

Awesome! What I need to do to be able to get the rewards?

You need to link Gaijin and Twitch accounts:

  • Sign up or enter your Twitch account details on the website.
  • Enter the information from your Gaijin account you are playing Crossout with on this page and click the “Link” button.
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Thank you! All that info is very handy!

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The pogduck hologram is rather cool, but man I just can’t for the life of me feel like bothering to log on to twitch, dig out my unused google email account so I can log on to twitch, verify that yes it’s me who is trying to log it, put some stream on mute to the background I can’t be bothered to watch and check every now and then for cartridges

Just such a god awful site and system, even the pogduck hologram is not enough to make me want to use it

Well im on my way…just gonna let my phone run and gobble up all those cartridges!

This is how the Hologram looks btw

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