Seen this in the note for the pack

And this Thursday you can expect a new developer blog with the information about the upcoming season!

please be a new mode…
please be a NEW MODE…

i mean another season, ok. but please give us permanent blueprints, a new permanent mode and some missions for adventure so we have a reason to go into it. PLEASE give us a new pve mode.

also add something in for us to do with our leviathans. they need more then just invasions and clan wars :unamused:

though by their reddit post i think the helicopter event might be coming back again?


I’m cheering for you brother. +1 for ANY new content.

But I don’t think anything of this list will be added in the next season. Maybe if you removed the word “permanent” and “adventure”.

what do you think will be added in then?

NEVER!!! :crazy_face:

More guns, more armor, more junk, another temporary mode. That seems what we have got for over a year now.

Sad but true.

Lol, I get you man :slight_smile: even if we could get them to add old BP stuff to the crafting table it would be a huge win.

i have alot of the old bp crafting recipes. or rather all of them. i just wish that alot of them werent locked off to us.

its sad really, i wish more modes and stuff would be released. hell when was the last time something permanent was added in? a few years ago? im referring to modes. i think the last one i remember was… adventure? or did something come out after that that im forgetting? its been a long time man :woozy_face:

I expect another temporary brawl, and I think those are probably the best way to introduce more PVE/brawl content. It’s sometimes frustrating when these events end, but often there aren’t many people still playing those modes by the end of the season.
I wouldn’t be surprised if they continue to tinker with the normal brawls though. This rotating thing isn’t really working, judging from the queue times. No idea what they should do with them though.

The last one (can’t remember the name) they added to PvP and everyone cried so much they removed it.

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Like… why can’t we actually drive our leviathans in Awakenings?

I have thought awakenings should be PVP also. By this I mean either:

  1. A player selected toggle (5 min cd) for PVP flagging. This allows pve players to not be interrupted.

  2. Activated by faction with yes/no verification when entering. (make what faction you are currently in actually matter somewhere other than crafting).

We do not need to wonder what we will get.

Stuff that costs money, time or both. That is what we will get.

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You want permanent blueprints? I think those days are behind us for the big battlepasses. Only in the little battlepasses and of old content. They havent put any new weapons on any permanent workbenches for a while either. They used to release guns like the cyclone and then like a year later they would add them to a permanent workbench. But i think the days of devs doing that may be gone unfortunitely.

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I’m going to agree with you, but it would be a nice “good will gesture” for them to release a few of the really old BP items to the workbench. Even a few and people would get excited.

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theee… one with the bomb? where you take the bomb to the other teams base to win or destroy all the players to win?
if you mean that one i found that really boring and uninspired. its just pvp, theres nothing to it.
if they added it where the team who gets the bomb on the base and blows it up wins, or in the case of nobody getting it to the base they can make it so the team who made it closest to the base wins. it would have unlimited respawns until the timers up to determine the winner. THAT would be something new and fun to play.

i wish…
but the devs have abandoned adventure mode. its only there for… some reason… i wish they never abandoned it.
i also wish theyd do more with leviathans. mines just rotting away in my garage.

yes, and how are we supposed to build the relic rocket launcher? this time it requires omamoris and another blueprint we dont have. this just makes these items much harder to create and forces us to wait to make something. another 21 days till it resets to.

people will get tired of it eventually.

i have alot of the old battlepass blueprints. though i wouldnt be against them releasing the old ones to players who havent gotten them.
i wish we couldve kept the blueprints to the winter faction. whats the point of having a faction if theres no blueprints and no way to make anything with them unless its an event?