Self Destruct animation

I dont like the new one, you cant surprise players anymore now.


I like it, and even with the old one it wasn’t 100% surprise as most could see the red dot and hear the beep

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It don’t mater to me one way or the other.

And I also agree that the red light and beep gave it away before.

I guess its more animal friendly now, since red lights and beeping they dont understand, but spraying fireworks all over the area makes them scared and run away.

Thanks targem games for thinking about all the animals who play this game.

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3 months later…
How do you all enjoy the flashy fireworks everytime a car announces its going to explode in 5 second so you can drive a safe distance away?, it makes for a great display and great laughs for those viewing .
remember the old times before this was implemented? people could actually surprise others with a bomb on their car

New graphics are good. You’re being weird.

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I guess youre not a person who self destructs alot then, seeing as you only care about the graphics, and not the surprise element

Thus why they changed it, and people complained that it was too hard to tell when someone was kamikaze on your face.
Not everyone likes the self-destruct function.

I am trying to put myself into the mindset of someone who feels strongly about self destruct, and I am struggling.
Anyway, it’s not like the old method was that stealthy. The new graphics sometimes look like just a burning cabin and modules, which is arguably less obvious than the big blinking red light and beeping sound.

Flashy fireworks when you press your self destruct timer, it was a bad game change when implemented and still is a bad mechanic to this day.
Everybody just drives away from you now, and you are left to explode on your own.