Server Lag, Update Fail!

Well its almost not playable now it lags so bad non stop now the game.

I having so much trouble now why so much lag???

What did you change?

Now you know what I’ve been going through after updating to windows 10 two weeks ago, to make the panda happy. Consider it a feature.

I am on Xbox but feels weird now on the game you can feel and see the lag like every few moments. My net isnt the best but it never did this before its new type of lag. Normally if i lagged it just make me drive funky a few moments then be good or just completely not move and boot me. But now I can drive but its jerky.

Well several of my friends have experienced this also but on PC. The scuttle butt I have read & heard elsewhere is the servers are old and dire need of being replaced. Not a factual info but passing on what’s being said.

There is always a lot of lag and weirdness before and immediately after any big update. Have some patience, it will pass soon.

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