Server problems

hello survivors so i came from the xbox to pc i been playing for 3 months everything is great on pc the only problem i had so far is server connection problems which i didn’t have in the xbox i can only play wit no lag and a good ping on NA close server if i have it on open my ping hits the 300s i switch internet providers, got new hardware and i still have the same problem i know its not my end because i can play any other game and never lag. so is there anything yall can do or recommend me do to fix it ? only able to play on NA servers limits how much i can play theres times i have 15 min waiting times depending on my ps. i have a few friends that have the same problem so i know is just not me. i got almost every single pack i love the game plz fix or help me fix my problem so i can enjoy more this amazing game

I am surprised by this. Youd think NA servers would have quick que times. Xbox has a trash population compared to pc. On ps4 in NA my que times are usually under 30sec if not instant at times. Somethings must be amiss here. There should be oodles of players for you to que with in n/a.

Where doth ye reside?

Xbox has always had better servers for XO then PC.

Got to love the PC Master Race.

Also the dev team has stated that the combined console markets holds a higher market share then PC. So for a company like this that focuses on draining every penny out of its player base, it makes sense they would have better console servers.