Shame on this player

I post here since whatever you report to the devs on player behaviour nothing happens, and since there is absolutely no chance he gets any consequence on his actions ,i will publicly shame him in this wonderful place that is the Crossout Forum , so i will highlight to you this wonderful player named AZ_Dominator .
For context we were running a fusion and we killed him a couple of times in previous games, looks like he was pissy about it , and instead of getting a free win he prefered to do that :

It s an execise in futility but if any gm sees that and for once decides to take actions i would be thankful.

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Ew, Contact M2 :laughing:

Just to clarify, after getting spanked a couple of times by your fusion build, when he spawned on the same team as you, he kept you from connecting to your fusion mate?

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I really wonder why people would get pissed at a sub 10k porcs aegis master fusion build.

He’s definitely in the wrong, but if I was the referee I’d just turn my head the other way for the duration of the round lol.

Hello !

I have processed this complain coupled with XxDESTROYERxX66 report, but please next time if you have a game violation to report, you have to report in-game and to follow that link : Game rule violations & Appeals against a penalty - Rules - Crossout

Discussing it on a public topic isn’t the way to address it.