“If my last post seemed belligerent, it’s because it was meant to be,” Roopull said belligerently.

You’re right, though. Even the silly emojis do wonders. Point taken sincerely.

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i’m not threatening. i’m just sharing my thoughts.

if I may ask, then, why say you’re going to uninstall?

consider taking a break, a long one, and come back a year or two down the line to see how things of progressed?

If you did not intend to threaten, then, the wording of your post certainly made it seem as such.

Just take a break, your spot will be warm for you when you get back, as long as you want it to be that is.

i have not written that i will uninstall it. i have written that it occurred to me to uninstall. sometimes the small differences are the important ones. but unfortunately not everyone can differentiate that.

let’s differentiate things, then, shall we?

Here is what is happening, right now. Metaphorically speaking, Crossout is a cookie you used to think was really good, but now it’s got raisins it. You sent a letter to the makers of the cookie saying, “Until you get rid of the raisins, I’m thinking about not eating your cookie anymore, and so are a lot of others.”

Coming back to reality, you are quite literally telling the devs that if they don’t change it back, you are going to leave.

You’ve been caught red handed and are now trying to back out of what you said.

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I’ve never felt like this is a good game, even before we had battlepasses and spikes were the newest weapon, it was imbalanced, meta has always been kept behind a paywall, all aspects of the game are designed to make you loose coin and pump in real money and obvious imbalances are left alone for ages and the players are never listened to.

That being said, it was way better in the past than it was now, but i will never call Crossout a good game because it does not deserve it, never has. Entertaining yes, but not a genuinely good game

Everybody here is being so toxic for no reason at all. The OP is a dissatisfied customer letting the game community know they will not be buying any products until something is resolved. So few people use these forums because the most frequent posters are generally very shitty. I’m stubborn and argumentative but I don’t start escalating with underhanded passive aggressive insults that the mods ignore.

No, he’s using his power as a customer with money to leverage a corporation. Quit defending a corporation from nonexistent threats when it doesn’t pay you anything. The OP has nothing to feel shameful of. It is inappropriate to condescendingly lecture people, let alone in front of everybody while receiving attention as if they are a petulant child and you the wise adult. Its perverse. If you want to give life advice you offer do that privately or dont do it at all. Spare somebody you think is in an ugly spot of the humiliation.

OP is the one that needs to grow up here, right. :\


Glad you agree. :rofl:

fluffy is spot on here. vile creatures.

if you pay attention you can see negative posts frequently get spammed down by the zealots. roopull is just the latest zealot cadet. often teaming up against non regular ops. with arguments full of dunning kruger and insane fallacies.

imagine 2 pve players who by all accounts are big noobs in the game, pve focused, low ps, no cw, in love with low effort gameplay berating and insulting some guy who might very well be much more competent and experienced in the game, as opposed to simply playing endless hours of patrol and living in the forum.

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I use the :slight_smile: a lot

I do it to show I’m trying to have a light hearted conversation.

But you still have people thinking your a jerk.


Just being devils advocate here. (I don’t really disagree with your statement) :slight_smile: but not really “always”.

I can name many instances when this was not true, if you have been here from the beginning then you will remember when things like “Spitfires” and “Crickets” where competitive at a clan wars level.

Many more are in that group over the time of the game. And that budget group changes.

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Nah, man… apparently, I just live in your head. You logged on after two days to specifically post about me?

Enjoying your multiple accounts so it looks like more people agree with you?

I was warned about you & a couple of others… glad to have earned your ire. It tickles me to no end… you fraud.

the devs pay me, technically, by adding things to the game that I’ve been creating in my fan-fiction. The mere existence of the Furia Car pack is due to me, as well as the Operation Red Light Brawl and, subsequently, Operation Radiance. So, I’m gonna vehemently defend them as long as they keep respecting my ideas. Yeah, I’m bias. Admittedly so. I love this game, faults and all. So, I will defend it.

it’s very unfortunate that you think so.

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