it used to be a good game. now it’s just a crappy hover game.
if nothing is changed. then i’m certainly not the first and also not the last one who thinks about uninstalling the game.

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maybe, just maybe it’s been a crap game all along, and you were just too young to notice back then. Or, maybe, just maybe, it IS a good game and you’ve simply outgrown it or, altogether, never liked it for the right reasons in the 1st place. Shame on who? The game devs for letting you down when they never promised you a thing in the 1st place? Or on you for thinking you can boss people around by making hallow threats of leaving? I’ll answer that for you. Shame on you. Here’s a little life advice helpful in all things: bow out with grace.


The original poster just said shame, not shame on anyone. A situation can be a shame without blaming anyone.

Another person might disagree that the situation is a shame but could still have empathy and understanding for the person that does feel it is a shame. Shaming someone for civilly expressing their feelings is called bullying. This forum is a place to express our feelings.

Bowing out with grace does not mean you should not express your feelings and thinking about uninstalling is not a threat to uninstall.

Are you the original poster’s mentor? Why should you be giving life advice to a stranger? I feel that you owe the OP an apology.

You can disagree with the OP without bullying the OP.

Dear OP, I can understand your feelings, Hovercraft do improve the performance of every Weapon mounted onto them, but I feel the current situation is manageable.
I use the pretty fast Call Cabin and Drones and Passive Melee.
Now that the ice has melted, I can once again chase Hovercraft down and ram them from the sky with my Passive Melee. The drones also do their dirty work while I ram them around like rag dolls.

Hang in there!


Decent people give out decent advice that’s tried and true from life experience, wanted or not. It’s currency that will come in handy. Others can choose to take it or leave it. However, considering myself a decent person, it would behoove me not to give a stranger this golden advice.

Arrogant, you may think. Not at all.

Think about how others feel (like myself) to constantly have people crapping on something that really is enjoyable. To wake up every morning eager to see who has to say what, only to be served a plate of crap from some ungrateful person. Well, I hate it, and I’m tired of it. So, when I see it served up, I’m just gonna serve it right back.

in case you missed that line, that is an ultimatum, and direct display that the OP thinks they are the ones who can bully people into submission.

So, you go on to say this:

That’s a direct accusation towards my actions and you feel I should apologize for it when, in the 1st place, it is the OP bullying the devs.

What I did was stand up, not bully anyone, I stood up and said “That’s enough!” Because it is.

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agreed 100%…
hovers ruined the feel of this game,if you play them or not,there is only 1 flying movement part which is not cool in a game of tracks and wheels…
these hover topics are useless now,they are here to stay…
so let’s think of another flying movement part instead to compete with a hover…or we can all complain about it until our Wheels and tracks fall off… :crazy_face: :rofl:


Well said. I believe a decent person would encourage the discouraged person.
Yes, explain why you believe the situation is not shameful, but give suggestions to overcome the situation.
The OP is certainly not the only player complaining about Hovercraft, and I feel you were too harsh.
I can now appreciate your perspective about being bothered by the negativity because you expressed your feelings without weaponizing them against anyone.

That is a statement of fact. If the shoe fits, then you wear it. If you feel that statement describes your actions, then you accuse yourself. If you feel that you were not doing what the statement says, then no accusation was leveled against you.
Build each other up, not tear each other down. A rising tide raises all ships.

If enough of us Wheeled Vehicle users attach Passive Melee to our roofs and ram these Hovercraft from the sky, they will tire of playing Hovers.

You now see more Omni Wheeled Vehicles using the same tactics as the Hovercraft.

You also see others strafing with Meat Grinders, using the same tactics as the Hovercraft.

Although Hovers make any Weapon more effective, there are other problematic Movement Items to contend with in the Wastelands.

What suggestions would you give to the OP to encourage the OP?

Lower your Power Score? Use Auto Aim Weapons? Use Explosive Weapons? Use Fire? Use Spark? Get a Kapkan?

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

I just do not see how this could be labeled as crying. I do not understand how this brief post earns the OP the insult of being a crybaby. I do not understand how you can be allowed to continue to insult the OP.

That is a valid point, why create a new Topic? I see how that could be irritating.
Do you think the OP intentionally irritated you guys? Do you not think the OP was just frustrated?
You never had a friend who just needed to vent?
Can you try to treat a stranger like you would your friend? Like you would treat yourself?

what is missing in ALL Text messages is…your voice
no one can or will understand anything anyone says just by typing text.
we all need to hear the tone and sarcasm of your voice to see where ur coming from.,that’s for all humans…
sure i can read a book and feel, it’s a cold bitter night with the moon light piercing through the darkness…
but in social media,you just can’t text what you feel…
i try to do comedy rather than chopping heads off…but it still (looks) not sounds’ the same way…
because your typing and thats all anyone sees…


I don’t think the OP considered anything at all other than their own emotions.

OP is not my friend. This isn’t a personal conversation.

I did. If a friend of mine behaved like this, they may actually get harsher treatment.

This is a public forum.
Is akin to standing in a public meeting place and addressing a crowd.

If you do so like a spoiled petulant brat, ranting about things everyone has ranted about dozens of times before, don’t expect a cuddly hug from me.

Asking me or anyone else to repeatedly entertain self centered temper tantrums is going to be fruitless.

In the words of a certain glam rocker, “girl, don’t go away mad. Girl, just go away.”


Mom always taught, “If you do not have anything nice to say, then say nothing.”

In person conversation between males always has the underlying threat of physical violence if the someone’s tongue is too sharp.
In person conversation between females always has the underlying threat of verbal abuse and public embarrassment or some other non-violent retaliatorily behavior if someone’s tongue becomes too sharp.
People have to behave in person or risk physical harm or public ridicule or gossip or harassment.
Online, nobody has anything to fear.

tell that to the view… :rofl:


That sounds like my kind of fun. That’s how I like to do drones too; smashing kinetics and explosive violence. I also find it’s hard to resist the crunchy deliciousness of fresh roasted hovers. I wish you happy hunting.

Nope. You are not. Maybe just take a break? That’s what I’m doing. It’s been nice. It’s a little sad that marathon episodes of the Rookie is now more interesting than this game, but it is what it is.

I’m holding out for a better deal, myself. Everybody knows hovers are out of place.

It’s hard to deny, and the game’s considered a train wreck by lots of old hats, because it sort of is. I think the developers will eventually address it, because the truth is simply the truth, and I think they know it too…I hope. They don’t really seem to actually play this game themselves, so who knows?

To the OP: I say, just take a break. This game will probably have issues for a while, and for me anyway, I’m just going to do something else for that while. If the situation improves, great. I hope it does.

It kinda looks like this is now an in house argument and the OP has already left us.


Yes … it kinda ruined the vibe of that post apocalypse mad max carmageddon twisted metal setting
You don’t see a flying space ship in those games

I hope they can remove hover thing ms just replace it with the new helicopter thing

Dude, if I felt there was a threat of physical violence when talking to my male friends, I wouldn’t be friends with them.
You sound like you’ve been watching too many Jordan Peterson videos.

Yes, people sometimes behave online like there are no consequences, but there definitely are all the same possible consequences as there are in real life.

That being said, being nice is good, and people should aspire to that online and in real life.

However, the endless hover threads have been a bummer on this forum forever, and are incredibly repetitive and unnecessary. I definitely understand why people aren’t taking this one seriously.

This is a game where you can use anything available to make your dream vehicle. If your dream vehicle doesn’t perform as well as someone else’s, that’s no one’s problem but your own.

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To warn you Roopull and Obisdian, tutor will argue and then flag your posts and say you’re being racist and so on, you’ve already been called a bully. Its a type of being who causes trouble/ a fuss and when you defend yourself it cries out like its a victim

Oh god, those looney toon broads are nuttier than a Planters factory!

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I feel I did encourage them with my parting words of “Bow out with grace” instead of saying something like “get lost”. People who bow out with grace tend to be accepted back into the fold without issue by those who are more understanding. While, on the other hand, people who give ultimatums tend to become really lonely people, as those that they forced the choice upon go and hang out with people who don’t force choices.

That’s the type of rig I use 90% of the time named the Snaggletooth. I rarely use my hover (even though it is OP I rarely use it). When I’m in the Snaggletooth, it’s all about creating a distraction by chasing the hover and forcing them to focus on me. If they’re focused on me (missing half their shots because I’m driving like the Tasmanian Devil) then they can’t harm the team, giving the team more time to focus fire on the hover.

There’s really only one tactic against a hover, and that is to keep them busy as long as possible with as much passive melee you can equip.

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I’ve noticed anyone who vehemently defends a whining crybaby is usually a petulant conniving twerp who identifies with crybabies themselves. I’m not saying that of Lord Tutor. I don’t know anything about him/her. I’m just reflecting on trends I’ve noticed over my short stint on this spinning rock.

Personally, I’ve been reported, flagged, banned etc etc from multiple forums. I don’t care. None of them are important enough to me for me to censor my thoughts.

That being said…
The OP needs to grow up or shut up.
If he can grow up & quit whining, I hope he stays around. God knows the forum doesn’t need any more whining. If not… bye Felicia!

If that’s “not nice” or “mean,” well here’s my condolences… :poop:

At least it’s honest.

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being a writer, I feel that what’s missing is that most people don’t know how to emote through text, using things like taglines and such.

“You know what this game could use? An enema!” J said with disdain.
“You could use an enema,” K said sarcastically.

People should really start learning how to be a writer…in this textual world of writing.

that’s my 2 cents.

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