Shhhhh! Don't tell anybody (this means you)

You know how in Bedlam you get no rewards, experience, etc.? Well that has changed apparently. I did a test with another clanmate in bedlam, we nuked each other, and we both received clan activity points for it.

This will be a great way for the new players with weaker builds to get the activity points they need to earn badges; in fact it would make a great weekly clan project.

Don’t tell the devs about this unannounced “feature”. :smiling_imp:


He did it with me btw. hi purple!! :smiley:

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That’s hilarious.

i did notice about a month ago that I was getting Brawl credits without doing any brawls except for Bedlam…i didn’t think anything of it at the time but I haven’t been in game solid enough to see if it’s still a thing.