Shield Mine Layer

With the new emphasis on shielding,

What about a shield launcher (could be classified as mine layer?)

Like the Vulture or Jokkubu (?) where it drops a shield that lasts X seconds at the aim point?

Maybe Relic version of shields?


Combined with a sniper weapon, it’d make the ultimate support rig for those capture the flag missions! Plop a shield down there to protect your brawlers, then snipe anyone who gets close to them.

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sitting there where your shield is… you might as well use what is already in game.

I mean you can shoot a shield over to them while laying a defensive line of mines away from them.

Like hey, that guy over there is getting focused “plop-shield” … maybe while you are dropping turrets in a triangle.

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this would be a good one for snipers, and medium ranged builds.

Though I would make it a legendary upgrad to barrier.

rarity: legendary
ammo: 6
reload time: 20 seconds

perk: launches cloaked shield drones, that boost allied damage if their shield breaks.

drone stats
HP: 50
time to live: 15 seconds
activation time: 3 seconds (time it takes to cloak and activate shield)
shield health: 1,000
area damage boost: 10% on shield break.

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I want this.

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Yeah it doesn’t have to increase damage upon breaking. That is just way more balance issue imo.

Just being able to shield someone that is being focused from a distance is quite powerful by itself.

I am not sure why everyone thinks it would be good for snipers?

Relic or Legendary = you can aim it at distance. That’s it. That is the only perk.
Shoots like Jokubo, each ammo round is two shots.
Absorbs 3000 (insert appropriate amount) damage, lasts 3 seconds.
15 second cd. (can use bigfoots/cheetah or reloader module)
Awards participation points per 500 dmg blocked per match.
5 energy.
Ammo limit 12 (hardcap, unaffected by ammo box or genesis).

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you do know the barrier 9 exists alongside the nova cabin and aegis right…? what is even the point of having a projectile / land mine “shield” ??

The answer, I wound think, is obvious.

You could deploy it remotely to protect the rest of your team.

I thought I said that.

barrier 9 can do that to. are you referring to a flying drone that can put out a shield like the barrier 9? or like a metallic shield that shields them from harm??

Barrier IX requires you to drive where you want it deployed.

Imagine launching a barrier IX from 200 meters away or further to a cap point, then protecting your teammates with an incinerator, tsunami, scorpion or other sniper weapon while they cap.

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None of these are aimable from distance. One must think of more than oneself when running a support vehicle.

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i get that. so your suggesting a flying drone that can produce a defensive barrier like the barrier 9?
or perhaps one thats launchable like a flying drone?


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