Shield module rework: Shield charger, purple, and special tier Aegis

Ok the shields are heavily under used in this game outside of barrier, my suggestion is to change how they function a bit.

this would start with taking thew new omamoris shield function using it as a base. While the Omamori and averter passively buff a few parts dome shields should protect the whole ride.


To start, dome shield modules would gain the one per ride thing that passive protection modules do, both being a different class so you can have one of each. (barrier isn’t counted in this but it will get a change.)

Dome shields would also be swapped from a press to activate to a press to toggle, while the shield is one the module will start heating up. If a bubble shield is broken the module will directly take damage based on over HP, so for every 100 damage the shield took over its max the module takes 10. This is important.

Along with this the shield would have its own bar this shows how much HP it has when active, this is to show when the shield is about to break, so you can disable it if fast enough. this makes shields much better against shotguns and MGS then long range cannons and artillery.

All shields will scale their bubble to the size of the ride a smaller ride means a smaller shield area, but a larger means a larger area, each has its own max. Small maxes at 15x15x15 pins, medium 25x25x25 pins, large 35x35x35 pins.(no player one uses large) all shields take double damage from plasma.

part two: Modules

So for this to work the shield would need to be more then just the Aegis.

Shīrudo (googled Japanese for shield.)
tier: special
Faction: syndicate
power cost: 2 (universal)
size: 4x4x4
Shield HP: 500
time to heat: 10 seconds

perk: while active projects a dome shield that will protect the users ride, domes scales to ride with minimal spare space. (scales upto a 15x15 pin ride size)

tier: EPIC
Faction: dawns
Power cost: 2
shield HP: 1,000
time to heat: 15 seconds

perk: while active projects a dome shield that will protect the users ride, shield takes half damage from MG, minigun, and shotgun type weapons. scales to a moderate space (scales to a 25x25 pin size)

tier: legendary
faction: Dawns
power cost: 2
shield HP: 1,250 (most of any shields)
time to heat: NA

perk: while active projects a dome shield that will protect the users ride, shield doesn’t generate heat and scales to a moderate space (scales to a 25x25 pin size max) DAmage taken to shield increases damage of energy weapons by 2% per 50 damage, up to 20% max, damage bonus is reset if shield is broken. (doesn’t reset if shield is turned off.)

New none shield modules

Shield charger
tier: epic
power cost: 1
type: passive defense module
explosive damage: 100

perk: allows shields to charge while active, shield must be mounted directly to the chargers pins. this part is explosive, and will detonate if the shield is broken.

use: allows you to keep a shield on constantly at the cost/risk of loosing the shield and taking self damage upon being overwhelmed.

Yōsai drone
info: the syndicate found a few broken barrier drones in the wastes and repurposed them with their own tech, creating the shield wall unlike the barrier which projects a 360 dome this one projects a wall with it being the center point, allies can shoot through it but enemies can’t unlike the barrier which is timed, this lasts until destroyed.

tier: epic
power cost: 4

perk: projects a shield wall with it being at the center (module can be shot) lasts until destroyed (shield has 750 HP)

This died.