Nerfed to oblivion with crazy high PS.
What do you think?

I don’t care.
They have not enough grip, they get stuck into things.
if you want better wheels there are buggy wheels and hermit wheels.
At that PS ball park it’s a no brainer.
Best bang for your buck, Hermits by far.
At that tier and if you aren’t worried with tonnage/weight conservation, you also have better options like APC or twin wheels. (but those require good cabin power)
At blue i used racing wheels.
Now shivs, i couldn’t care less about them

Yeah i tried hermits, very expensive wheels and they seem to fall of easily when you bump into enemies, and their PS is even higher than shivs so no thank you.

And if you dont care about shivs, then why are you posting here?

I didn’t post for no reason.
Man, i use hermits, it’s my bread and butter, but as you know i’m having tonnage and weight problems with a 6x6 wheels setup (the main thing it’s the cabin weight, it’s just too much)
So, in an attempted to tackle this problem i just wasted a lot of time and resources.
2 tank tracks, 2 armoured tracks, 6 hardened and 2 BF and 1 hermit later.
None of them worked as intended. And guess what?
I’m back to 6 hermits setup.
the upside is, now i have 6 BF wheels and 8 hermits.
I wasted a lot of resources for nothing.

I posted my 2 cents.

In Hermit defence, they are the poor man BFs. They are resilient, very light weight and can carry a lot of weight .
I can’t even reach 70 kph to activate it’s perk and they rarely came off.

I love my shivs they work great for me.

Racing look cool with CK’s

I just made a set of shivs after seeing an opponent doing well with them.
Thinking I might pair them with the tempuras I just made.

They’re often my go to wheels, they’re super useful with their melee resistance and contact damage. I’ve been using them since they came out. I’m glad they didn’t give them more grip because they wouldn’t be able to power slide into targets if they did. Sideswiping and taking a wheels or two is so much more satisfying then wedging.

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Hey, @2869607

Guess Karma stroke me down, i realised just now.
While mounting SGs for daily missions, i went for my beloved ruptures, it’s perk, weapon resistance to all damage types increases 15% while shooting. but i discovered by accident that the devs changed the perk to instead of while shooting, it’s perk now, it’s while in cooldown.
I was aware that they got nerfed but this is beyond everything, this destroyed everything they were.
I liked limited angle weapons but i always thought that tacklers were the black sheep of the family.
How could they do this?
they had the right perk , now they have the wrong perk.
Time for selling them and never look back
As is i don’t recommend this SG, it falls into avoid category.
with the nerf and with this perk change they are garbage.

Sounds like the wheels of your car are hanging out. Use armor.
Also hermits are waaaaaaaaay better then shivs

Shivs are, at specific PS, a very viabel weapon. There was a demo of “shiv catcher” and I actually saw 1in the wild - its funny to be killed by one.

Hermits have the best tonnage/power drain in the game. They turn much sharper than bigfoots and have much less power drain. For small builds the sharp turning wins melee battles against Bigfoots and tracks. Also, small builds can usually easily run 8 Hermits which are very small and very hard to shoot off. For big builds, 6 st BF 2 BF you have 140 percent power drain. 10 Hermits 6 st 4 Hermit you only have 98 percent power drain with thousands of kgs more tonnage. All sausage Levis use Hermits for these reasons.

Hermits are the rich man’s wheel. Bigfoots are good for crafting Apollos. Team Hermit all the way.