Shooting range truck parts?

Hello! I just started playing yesterday. I had no idea this game existed! I’m really sad I’ve gone years without knowing.

Anyways, there’s this fantastic looking Studebaker 2 1/2 ton looking truck on the shooting range at the 50 meter mark.

I’m not super sure how to even research parts, or see what parts are in the game. So i’m not sure if these parts are even available? I’ll be honest, the UI is kind of a mess, and its incredibly overwhelming and difficult to navigate for a new player…

The cab looks almost identical to the starting truck, but it lacks the entire engine part.

The cab is the main piece i’m looking for, but I’d be curious to know about all the other parts too!! I want to replicate this truck for myself!

I’m willing to spend any amount of money for them!

Thank you!

Unfortunately, a number of these parts (cab, armored windows, the target sticker) don’t exist. I’ve tried replicating that truck with the parts we have once and it didn’t turn out well.

By the way, welcome to the game, my friend! New players like you will keep this game alive.


thank you!! though, if thats the case. my question is, WHY is that the case?? in a game like this, focused entirely on parts, it seems odd to have fully functional vehicle parts on a vehicle that we can’t use? they all break properly and clearly fit with already availible parts… and they are just as detailed as the other vehicle parts in game,

it seems really odd to not let us use them??

theres a cab that looks similar to it called “the call”. also favorite and howl are kind of close to it to, but the closest one id say is favorite.
you unlock your parts by playing and leveling up your factions. all factions have their own specific parts.

to check which parts they have go to the “crafting” tab, then go to whatever faction you want to look at, lets take steppenwolfs for example, click that factions profile. then youll be in a screen to craft blueprints. there will be blueprints below called “vehicle blueprints” and “equipment”. the vehicle blueprints will show you prebuilt blueprints they came up with for the faction. you can click the “all” tab to view them all and test drive them.
equipment shows what armors and goodies you can unlock as you level up in the faction. click the “all” tab to view what they have. youll have to go to each faction to view which ones they all have though. each faction has different armors and weapons so youll want to look into them to see what you want to unlock first. do be wary though that steppenwolfs, dawns children and firestarters need to have their previous factions at a certain rank to unlock them.


these parts are mainly used to test your vehicles and they do have similar parts in the game to. if you look at the pic you posted there its mostly just a scrap cabin. its been gutted and its only a shell of what it used to be. if anything i think they tore it apart and redesigned it into another cabin like the call or favorite. perhaps that one was to far gone so they just decided to slap it on a scrap build for target practice. you have other cars in your range dont you? im pretty sure you have a truck there with explosives and another more heavily armored truck.

thank you!! is there a way to just see all the cabins? theres a tech-tree and it dosen’t seem to show any of the ones you’ve mentioned :frowning: i don’t see any of these parts in any of the faction parts lists

i mean, all the parts are gutted scrap?? its a road warrior inspired game lol every part i have is junk. thats just the aesthetic of the game. i don’t know why some junk is usable, and some isn’t?

it’s always weird to me to hear people use “lore” as an excuse to limit the use of clearly usable equipment in the game :frowning:

Many cabins and parts can’t be crafted, or can only be crafted while a specific event is running.
So you can buy the pack using real world money, or just sell stuff you’ve accumulated and use the profits to buy the parts on the market. Prices don’t always indicate how good a part is: sometimes it just means there aren’t many of that part floating around, so the few people selling it are asking for a higher price.

Some players never craft, and just sell all their scrap/wire/batteries/etc, and then use those coins to buy what they want. I prefer to craft items that are selling at a decent price, and then flip those. Usually lower level items, so that I can keep constant coin coming in.

If you are going to spend real world money on the game, the basic Battle Passes are by far the best value. Packs cost much more, and you get much less. But most BP items come pre-fused, which means they are better than stock, but also can’t be sold.

The other way to make coin to buy items you can’t craft is to play the market. When you see something with cheap buy offers compared to their sell price, try to pick some up cheap and then sell them immediately for that higher sell price. Keep in mind there is a 10% tax, so you want to make sure the price spread is big enough that you are actually making profit after tax.

Best way to see all the available cabins is to look at the market and sort by cabin.

Edit: as others have said, there are a few cabins that are very similar to the one you posted. I agree that Favorite is the closest one, but Howl and the Call also look similar. All have very different perks and are used for specific types of builds. Currently Favorite is best with miniguns, but in the past a lot of shotgun builds used it. It no longer provides as much of a cooling boost to shotguns, because it made some too strong.

another thing that sort of confuses me about this one random truck cab, is that every single other vehicle on the shooting range is made of parts from the game? this seems to be the only part not available to the player, as far as i know…

It’s really old?

?? yes? i mean its roughly the equivalent to a 2 1/2 half ton transport truck from the 1940s.

i’m currently using what appears to be a 1949 ford pickup…

you can literally use parts from a mk. IV british tank from 1917 in game lgkfdlh

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I meant it’s from the early days of the game. Some parts might be from an abandoned early project.

okay, but its still in the game. its functional. and it looks fantastic.

i have no idea why it wouldn’t be made usable :frowning:

its just in-game content sitting there unavailable…

and i want it!!!

I love the looks of the cabin you are using for your version (Jockey).
I wish it was faster, but it’s still pretty decent.
I’m not sure if anyone mentioned it, but you can increase the experience points you get from each match by using decor items and faction flags. This will allow you to unlock structure parts quicker.

And in the badge exchange window, you can also get structure parts. Always nice to have a lot of different fenders, plows, panels and other armour bits to play with.

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thank you!! i love the jockey too. theres one called “master” that i REALLY want, but it dosen’t say how to get it, and i can’t buy it…

It was in an old Battle Pass. You can buy it on the market, but it is a legendary cabin, so expensive:
It’s also not that great. The healing perk sounds good, but isn’t that useful compared to other ways of protecting your car.

It might turn up in a future mini Battle Pass. Old BP items get recycled for those.

thank you!

i actually really don’t care about what parts are “good” or not. i actually really enjoy playing from a disadvantage state. i feel games are much more rewarding when i can win against much harder enemies.

plus aesthetics and are are very very important to me.

for example, i’ve made a “mk. I Male (6pdr)” version of the british tank. and it SUCKS!!! its really bad. i lose every round.

but its so much fun to play with!!

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Good attitude!

Bro that’s awesome.
I have this:

Its cricket variation is viable, even in pvp. Art builds aren’t completely useless, you just need to find out what works. Invis and crickets from above works for me. Your playstyle might be different, so experiment, find out what works (but PLEASE for the love of God do not become a metaslave)


OH!! i love this!!

i also just added a zoom camera to the command deck and i’m having a TON of fun shooting from a realistic viewpoint