Shotguns ruin this game

Shotguns are overpowered. And it ruins the game unnecessarily.


Shotguns are just weird, it seems they do their full damage on every little pellet they shoot.
Ive even had my double 600 hp frontal cannons blasted off while driving directly away from a shotgun build with the cabin in between.
Yeah they are just weird and overpowered.

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I use shotguns frequently and the radiators I use with them had their shotgun boost perks nerfed enough, so please stop complaining. On the other hand, since you have to be at point blank range for shotguns to be useful, maybe they should nerf your mid- and long-range weapons so I have a chance to get close enough to even use them. :unamused:

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Has everyone memory-holed the years of the shotgun wedge meta?
For me, that was way worse than the brick meta, and lasted years before they got nerfed out of dominance.

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I get the impression that a lot of people are getting pwnd more by speed, than the weapons it delivers. Speed is what I’m using to stay afloat, and it appears to me that builds that don’t have it get mauled by dogs often.

I have to say it again; people on wheels use reverse to evade the rush in almost every match in PVP, and I rarely, if ever, see that be effective. Even if some of us use more effective methods, the body count dogs accumulate from those players who do add up fast, and the rest of us end up faced with overwhelming odds.

I can’t say that shotguns and melee might not need some kind of nerf, directly or indirectly, but I think people could use better methods against dogs under the current system.


The only shotguns I use are my quad parsers, and they are good for medium ranges if you charge them. They are fun, but turn slower while charged, so if you are doing close range battles you shouldn’t charge them. They are reloading shotguns, so you have to reload between every shot, which makes sense i guess. I still haven’t developed a decent heli with them though. If you don’t like shotguns, maybe invest in some, and see how fun they can be? Just a thought. :smiley:

sad, sad, day.

years ago now, my Spitfires were destroyed by the devs.

But cheer up, guys, we are in the year of the tempura, long live the tempuras

yeah, but SGs are bad, bad, bad

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some rat doesnt want to lose their shitty shotgun meta

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This is the most pertinent answer so far IMO.

The problem isn’t really shotguns or impulses or tempuras or melee. The problem is closely tied to speed, as you rightfully pointed out. Now I don’t think speed in itself IS the problem. In fact it used to be very mediocre (Permastun Typhoon days anyone?), and cars were arguably a bit faster back then (not heavies, tho).
But Time To Kill increased dramatically over the last years, to a point where it is straight up impossible to do significant damage to an opponent before he closes the gap. Resistances went up (except melee resists which kinda went down), and we got Omamori, Finwhale, Hermits, Yeti, which all heavily favor builds that want to close the gap fast af. What’s a cannon user going to do to a Yoko Oma Finwhale Grizzly brick rushing at it before it’s too late? Nothing.
What’s left of my clan exclusively plays CC nowadays. We don’t do shotguns, we don’t do temps, we don’t do melee. We just close the gap and slam opponents against a wall while crying tears of laughter in discord. We don’t even do Oma Finwhale because nobody plays ranged anymore, so being tanky while you close the gap has become increasingly irrelevant. This allows us to mop the floor with other “lets close the gap” teams who forget nobody plays ranged anymore and bring the Oma Finwhale expensive bullsh!t. What are they gonna do about it anyway if they’re being held vertically against a wall or another teammate? Nothing. And it’s going to sound like a flex, but our winrate goes up while the amount of efforts we put in goes down.

TL;DR: TTK is now much, much higher than time to close the gap, regardless of cab or weapon choice.


Cars were never faster than they are now, even the fast ones. The issue is that weight no longer factors into a builds acceleration and grip properly.

Disagree. 3 years ago I was doing tiny donuts at 80+ kmh with a Cohort Cheetah brick and perfect grip (thanks Hans), but it wasn’t the meta.

What changed since those days, is TTK. Even a tiny ass light cab build is basically unkillable with ranged weapons before it gets up your ass.

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I’m going to assume a big cannon and missile buff is coming this year.
But maybe we need to start requesting that?

I’m not going to waste my time telling Targem how to balance their cashgrab tbh, I’m too busy enjoying monthly patches on Helldivers 2 rn.

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“requesting that” is what everyone should have done from the total start. and im sure if a cannon buff ever comes, it will probably make dog builds or mgs completely obsolete because thats how targem operates

Well, instead of suggesting actual solutions like buffing cannons, some people just focused on raging about bricks.
And yes, it is likely that a cannon buff will shift the meta, because that is the whole point of a balance change.
Just keep in mind that when that happens, it doesn’t mean that bricks or MGs are obsolete, even if lots of people are suddenly playing cannons. A good chunk of those people will just be testing out the changes and seeing what they can do with them. Most will go back to their usual builds once the dust settles.
I know I am not the only person who eagerly awaits changes and immediately makes a bunch of new builds to test out those changes.

On a side note, I played a bunch of uranium war battles yesterday in both PS ranges, and I saw no evidence of bricks dominating. Yes I had some matches with 50% of the builds being bricks and dogs, but I also played matches with 90% hovers, and even saw track players on most matches.
Maybe that’s a console thing, maybe it’s a region thing. Regardless, I saw lots of variety, and that is reassuring.

i invite you to play some PC games on eu servers, you will not find more “hold w” gameplay anywhere else

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