Should cannon penetration percentages be changed?

Hi guys, i don’t usually post stuff on forums - this is my first time, actually.

I think something that should be addressed is the percentage values of penetration in cannons; it seems to me like it’s really random and inconsistent and it changes in no particular order. For example: Avengers, the lowest rarity cannons in the game have a higher penetration value than Executioners, a weapon of Epic rarity (65% and 30% respectively [not to mention the Executioner has a perk that literally RELIES on penetration]).

Yet, the Elephant (an Epic rarity cannon) has 100% penetration, but for some reason Relic cannons have less than this? I think this should be changed for the sake of consistency e.g., the higher the rarity of the cannon, the higher the penetration and vice versa.

As it stands, this system doesn’t make much sense.

What do y’all think?


Well, Relics are not in a pay-only pack, so…

And you think that’s a good excuse?

Define “good” :upside_down_face:

I mean the fact that you think the elephant being a pack item is a good excuse for it having better stats than other weapons in its tier

I’m still a little confused by what the penetration number actually means.
I used to think that every percentage not used for penetration becomes explosive damage once the penetration damage is used up, but then they gave elephant 100% penetration, and I’m pretty sure it still does explosive damage too, so now I don’t know what the numbers actually mean.

yeah i agree, come to think of it, a lot of this game’s stats and measurements are just arbitrary amounts with no actual numbers involved. If the devs showed us the ACTUAL damage numbers, reload times, etc., instead of bars in the weapons’ stat cards then we’d have a much easier time gauging what the penetration percentages actually mean.

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It’s not a fact, it’s a lie.

Keep in mind that that cannons that have penetration as a perk function differently.
Their penetration perk is separate from the penetration stat. The stat number just applies after the perk.

And while I’m also not sure what that other guy is trying to say about elephants, but I will say that despite the stats, they aren’t really better than fatman, at least when it comes to damage.
Elephants are easier to use at longer ranges, but you can do more DPS with fatman.

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oh well i wasn’t sure about the whole pen perk + stat deal, thanks for clearing that up.

as for the elephant, idk what that guy was trying to say either lol, but i do agree with your point.


Secret Crossout stats. These stats are extremely important but no one tells what they are:

  1. Blast radius. The size of the explosion your explosive projectile makes.
  2. Projectile size. The size of projectile that you are sending through the air.
  3. Actual hitbox of a weapon. It would be great to know what you are actually trying to hide from being hit besides what a weapon’s appearance is.
  4. The optimal and max range of a weapon.
  5. The spread of a weapon.
  6. How the Pegasus engine actually works. The Pegasus is a huge Crossout mystery. You put movement parts on and it gives you a huge or small boost to power based on a formula that no one knows.
  7. What the most efficient weapons are in terms of damage dealt at different power scores.
  8. How the matchmaker works and how it handicaps play.

Anything else?


Executioner has a perk that pens 2 pins regardless of the part durability which is why it has almost no pen.
The Tsunami and Typhoon still need some buffs imo. Tsunami perk is still bad and always will be in the mobility meta. Typhoon perk is okay but its damage is far too low to use without a stacked trigger. Optimal use of its perk forces it to play as a sustained fire weapon as a long reload cannon with piddly damage. Both of them have terrible hp/kg ratios and they need mass reductions. Recent weapons getting added aren’t this damn heavy, and cannons keep getting buffed HP w/o added mass.

The penetration that needs a rework is on the Astraeus and Kaiju because 55% is unusable half the time on these pure bullet damage weapons when medians and crossbows have 80-100% pen. I’ll shoot a cluster of armor and movement parts and my 608 damage salvo becomes a 335 damage salvo (608 x .55) On average I get <450 damage with an Astraeus salvo center mass, I’ve started to hate these guns because of an underhanded 30% damage nerf.

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Well, that’s probably how buff or nerf works

I think tsunami and typhoon perks are fine. I do agree they underwhelm overall.


The numbers are for the bullet damage. If your cannon round does 100 bullet damage with 55% penetration, as soon as it deals 55 damage (on a single or going through multiple armor pieces), it dotonates the explosive right then and there.


This is also my understanding of how it works.

from my understanding the penetration % is how far the bullet will travel into the parts before it explodes.
like lets say the bullet has 100 hp before it explodes and you have spaced armor thats 6 pieces long with a gap between and 25 hp each. well the bullet will travel through those pieces UNTIL that threshold of 100 hp is used up. so 100% of its durability. itll travel through 4 pieces of that armor and then explode dealing the rest of its explosion damage.

the elephant is a PRECISION cannon. its damage will not be better then things like the fatman or the mammoth or typhoon. its bullet is far smaller and used for precision shots and focused damage. thus it has a higher bullet range then the fatman, mammoth, etc. where as the typhoon has a far bigger bullet and can deal alot more damage. the same goes for the mammoth, mastodon, etc. think of the elephant as a autocannon its slow to fire but its shots are for precision not damage.

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Wrong wrong wrong zarrurer.

Everything you said, wrong.

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how so?

This is one of the most ignored and most powerful stats.

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