Should Gaijin make a space game?

Well if they pull plug on Crossout.

What does everyone think of a Space based game with ship building and mining and planet exploration that is multiplayer. An go in to space battles against other players to get materials like crossout. Or space leviathan battles as a team fighting it.

Also maybe some type of base building. And being able to build like mechs and rovers for planetary exploration too and battles and mining.

There is Star Citizen game that is told to be super-awesome if it ever comes out.
And if Targem, not gaijin, can’t make and run XO properly, I don’t have any hope they would pull through… space game? It’s like hoping to pass high-school exam after failed mid-school.


Lol I wish Gaijin would read the faith in players about there company and how they run stuff.

Its funny and sad that the players have no faith in them being able to accomplish something like that…
GG Gaijin :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Yeah if they could only partner with Hello Games (no man sky team) lol Hello Games would just laugh hahaha.

Gaijin makes interesting game, They just don’t know how to keep it interesting. Only reason War Thunder is doing so well because World of Tanks got cheesy and ran off some people.
Also its like the only competitor of that type of game is World of Tanks / Ship / War Planes.

Its not like a shooter that has like 50 competitors. (Example: Call of Duty, Halo, Rainbow Six, Far Cry, Pubg, Apex, Fortnite, Battlefield and list can go on. )

They always play it safe Gaijin. I been playing Gaijin games since Twelve Sky if ya know what that is.

i only know lasagna nd coffee for breakfast since i couldnt sleep lol

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Gaijin should never publish games again. I suggest a reconversion into pachinko machines.


There were several games of that type already that tick most of your boxes… dual universe, star base, space engineers, the last starship, space scavenger, cosmoteer: starship architect & commander, empyrion: galactic survival, avorion…

Some of them are multiplayer, some co-op, some singleplayer, most of them early access, and some of those games already failed hard even though they had a promising start, especially dual universe & star base. :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Try Star Trek Online it ticks some of your boxes. f2p

what bout some old school space invaders now thats the #1 op space game lol

They should make whatever games cause them to go bankrupt. What a greedy horrible publisher.

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they are not the only ones.

The Soapbox: World of Warships’ aggressive monetization incited a mass-exodus of content creators | Massively Overpowered (

‘Aggressive monetisation’ is driving prominent players away from World of Warships | PC Gamer

It’s like soap opera central, where community managers go to diplomacy school.

So, where did you served? Kosovo? middle East ? Iran? Golf War ?

Wargaming community management

Gaijin/Targem already published a multiplayer space action game.

Right, completely forgot about that. Not the worst game ever, i watched a bit of it on stream and it looks decent.

Can’t build your own spaceship though afaik.

I’d love a game that took the basic mechanics of Crossout, but instead of little battles, have it be one giant open sandbox. Battles would happen within this giant version of Adventure, and you could also do little PVE missions, but they would be accessed through this larger world (kind of like how GTA works).
Instead of factions, players would gradually unlock movement parts and options.
Like Crossout, start out with small armoured cars. As you drive around the world, you can pick up scrap resources by breaking down the wreckages from other player’s battles (or from enemies you’ve defeated).
Engaging in PVP or PVE missions will give you experience, which you can trade in to “learn” about new parts, which you can purchase by trading in the scrap you’ve accumulated.

New movement parts would get unlocked after winning a certain number of missions. After wheels you get tracks. Then legs. Then rolling parts. After that, hovers.

Either in the very beginning, or after unlocking hovers, you should get the ability to build a base, which would be located along a shoreline of the larger world map.
Because you’re on a shoreline, you can now build a dock and unlock boats! And next make a helipad, to unlock aircraft. Eventually make yourself a runway, and make yourself some planes. And then for the grand finale, you unlock the rocket launch pad, and get yourself some spaceships.
Once you’ve got a spacecraft, you’ll probably want a space station, and facilities to process the resources you are harvesting from asteroids, or pirating from other players.

Did I mention you can raid other players’ bases and space stations? Of course we have auto repair technology, so when you log back on you don’t actually have to rebuild your base if you were raided while offline, and if your base is well defended, you might actually win some scrap from your attackers. We should probably let players defend their bases with leviathans.

Basically I want a combination of Crossout, GTA, No Man’s Sky, and Clash Of The Clans.

Edit: forgot to include my vision on how wasteland skirmishes would work.
When driving around the wasteland, if you encounter another player you have the choice between attacking them, running away, or hailing them on your radio to group up into a gang.
When an enemy (or enemy group) is defeated, they will leave behind wreckages which are worth a resource amount that scales to the PS of the vehicle, and which every member of the gang can get.
This means that a bunch of lower level players could team up to hunt down a whale, and if they succeed would get a good resource payout. While a whale (or group of whales) hunting small fish wouldn’t get much of a payout.

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