Should power scaling in raids be revised?

I’m curious what everyone’s thoughts are on this.

At the top end of raids the power scaling starts to get a little ridiculous in such that a small raiders can tank bullets, blasts, and laser beams better than tanks. I was thinking it might be interesting to create tier groups for power scaling of alternate enemy builds. The first group default could remain unchanged the second group would be rebuilt as larger builds that require less power scaling. This process could be repeated adding new tiered groups until raider builds are sized adequately to player vehicles in the raid.

As raids hardly ever get redone I thought this might be a good low cost compromise to refresh them in some way that can grow with the player base.

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It sounds like you are suggesting a way to balance the power scaling in raids by creating tiered groups for alternate enemy builds. This could potentially be a good solution to address the issue of small raiders tanking bullets, blasts, and laser beams better than tanks.

However, it’s important to consider the impact that such a change would have on the overall gameplay experience. The addition of new tiered groups could make raids more challenging, which could be a positive for some players, but it could also make it more difficult for casual players to participate and enjoy the content.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that game balancing is a delicate process and requires careful consideration and testing to ensure that it doesn’t negatively impact the overall game experience. It’s important to gather feedback from players and test out the proposed changes before implementing them to ensure that they are effective and well-received by the community.

Overall, while your suggestion has the potential to address the power scaling issue in raids, it’s important to consider the potential impact on the player base and the overall game experience before implementing any changes.


the changes in projectile damage could change raids alot , we will know each factions weakness and strength …if they stick with this idea and it applies to enemies in raids anyway

Yes. But this requires creating new bots and we know it won’t bring any money. Low chance of getting that. Lower than uranium from lootcrates.

I could barely tell when I checked out the test server that they added any resistance. The part durability’s just aren’t that high enough to make very noticeable differences.

Bots can be crowd sourced via the players. It’s actually a healthy community development strategy too. It’s one of the reasons I was saying it can be done fairly low cost.

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Can. But will not be. And it’s not healthy. Devs should do their own work. And players should not simp for lazy development.