Should we be concerned?

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Is this something to do with the ravagers?

I don’t think so…the week’s worth of standard challenges, etc. resets on Sundays at 7 PM (Eastern U.S. standard time; 8 PM for daylight savings time). I’m sure that’s all it’s referring to. The “access” never really closes for the standard stuff.

Main battlepass challenges reset on Wednesdays at 7 PM (Eastern U.S. standard time), mini passes nightly at 7 PM, clan stuff resets on Sunday mornings sometime after 8 AM.

Only thing is, that’s never been there before (as far as I can remember).

April fools perhaps

Guess we do not play for a week, maybe more? The sky is on fire and depending on how long it burns, then maybe we might come back and play. Good job Developers, run off your player base more!
If I wanted to fight against aircraft I would! Force me fight them? No! Stupid! Be less stupid developers!


It’s an April fools joke, it’s always been a day for the devs to have a jab at the players so it’s quite fitting. But at least they know people hate Helis for this to be their jab.

Luckily there is Patrol. My calendar reads 03/31/2024.

Yeah this is bullshit. All PVP now includes helicopters, and I never do well fighting other copters. No more battery or wires or pvp-scrap battles for me, it’s over. Alot less badges now. So glad I’m no longer a paying player, never thought it’d come to this.

So, how am I supposed to complete Challenges for Resources that do not exist? Will the deadline to complete these Challenges be extended? Today is my prime day to play for hours, not weekdays, so screw me over more. I work on Wires and Batteries today! Stupid, not funny, garbage!

I just got some parsers and made a decent car with them, now that car is useless due to all battles being helis :sob:

So, I played a Mission where it said I won and I earned Wires, but the counter stayed at 0/5. Really stupid!

Fuzz, you can still use regular cars in the mixed mode, and your parser build will still be good for PVE. I have a feeling Gaijin’s gonna get alot of complaints about this whole thing.

Now, I played and won get the Rusty Gold and earned Scrap and the countered did not increase.
Only Patrol has counted.

Same results as General Zodd. Did a “win 5 wire battles” battle; we won, and I received wires, but the counter stayed at 0/5. Patrol/PVE is ok, and Levi Invasions are also being counted correctly.

Update: Battery missions same result as wires; we won, got the batteries, but counter is 0/5. Have not done scrap as PVP, assuming result will be the same.

Is this the new Potemkin Village or an April Fool’s Gag?

the devs take jabs at the players the entire year without break, so wouldnt it be totally hilarious if it was only one day of the year, on april 1st, that they release a genuinely good update that players actually enjoy, and then rollback 24 hours later


They really don’t